"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Should Catholics Marry Young?

The litany of things in which Catholics are no different from the culture at large is as vast as the number of consonants in an Icelandic phone book.

As we watch the destruction of marriage in the US proceed vote by vote with critical assistance by Catholics, I think it worthwhile to look at some other trends affecting marriage.

The redefining of marriage as some sort of unadorned legalistic relationship similar to a joint checking account, but without a toaster, simply dumbs down the divine. Such vapid redefinition of something so critical to society naturally results in a disintegrating society. Truth be told, this redefinition process has going on for a while now, it is just that the gay lobby has accelerated this process for its own precious desires.

In my mind, a key indicator of the societal value of marriage is at what age do we encourage our young people to get married, if we encourage them at all. By this measure, marriage means very little to our society. Does it mean any more to Catholics?

Many Catholics...

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Foxfier said...

Only thing I'd add:
the local parishes need to encourage marriage, too.

I don't mean "cut the red tape" or anything like that, although some of that might be involved-- I mean "if you insist on only making pre-marriage class appointments by phone call to one number, call back. Especially if someone calls several times, comes in and is turned away with instructions to call again, tries to leave notes with whoever is in charge of the program, get angry when they ask if the messaging machine is broken because they still haven't heard back and it's been a few weeks, etc."


To pull an example out of nowhere in particular.

Foxfier said...

Argh, "gets yelled at when" not "get angry when."

elm said...

I'm not hearing a whole lot about marriage in homilies. Not even the Marriage Feast of the Lamb. Seems some can't go there, as it will make those who have failed marriages feel bad. And those who are single feel bad. And those who are contracepting feel bad. And those who are in an irregular marriage feel bad.

So we hang marriage out on a limb and let it be buffeted by the winds of society with no support or encouragement. And wonder why it is so unpopular and considered archaic.

Back to the basics, folks. Back to the basics.

PattyinCT said...

Why does your reference to the spinster of yesteryear remind me of Uncle Buck?;)

And the only irony I find is that most parents are now telling their high schoolers to hurry up and get on the pill for when they have sex young, but then they're encouraging same said children to "wait to get married".

What a message to send to a young woman. Sell your milk sweetheart, cause no one's gonna want you long term...Yikes!

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