"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Daily Kos: Deny Boehner Communion

In what has to be the stupidest bit of commentary on the budget deal so far, Markos "kos" Moulitsas suggested that Speaker of the House John Boehner should be denied communion because he "ignored the church' with his Debt deal.

John Boehner, Catholic, is displeasing the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.
A just framework for future budgets cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor persons. It requires shared sacrifice by all, including raising adequate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military and other spending, and addressing the long-term costs of health insurance and retirement programs fairly.

Given he's ignoring the church on this matter, will he be denied communion?

Isn't it funny how lefties like Moulitsas ignore actual Church doctrine but transform the liberal rantings of a few at the USCCB into infallible dogma?

Everytime the USCCB releases an asinine political statement such as the one cited by Moulitsas, they only serve to obfuscate the real truth. They also make themselves tools of the left, which I am sure some are ok with.

Sorry Markos, Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion for her public obstinancy but you cannot make the case that Boehner should be denied communion over this debt deal. His speakership, maybe. But not communion.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this leftist dupe has ever read "Rerum Novarum". I have and it doesn't say a single thing about "shared sacrifice" or "addressing the long-term costs of health insurance". Funny (and disgusting) how these useful idiots twist Church teaching and then use their made up faith to suit their needs.

Amy said...

When the left listens to Church teaching on abortion and gay issues -- two things that are ironclad prohibited according to the Catechism -- I'll listen to their creative interpretations regarding financial issues and the death penalty (not prohibited, but deemed extremely rare).


Macmooski said...

Can't believe the bishops are falling for the socialist notion of collective salvation... where is the Vatican in reprimanding them? These new socialists are using Christian doctrine to elicit compliance with their political agendas. We only hear talk of WWJD when they want to sell a program or assert controls. Where are they when Christians want to say grace, pray at funerals, or display symbols? Why haven't they excommunicated politicians that openly support abortion.. clearly against Church doctrine? Fools.

Anonymous said...

It is already evident in the media that because Boehner's deal was accepted he will get the blame for the whole economic disaster. No, not even Boehner's speakership ought to be denied to him. Charity, the corporal works of mercy, are the domain of the citizen and his conscience. The joy of giving and receiving has been denied to too many individuals as the government takes more and more. Obama's philosophy if one wants to call it that, is: Take as much as you can as fast as you can. How much of our tax dollars are spent on abortion as care of the poor?? for Pelosi's jet plane? No, Let the people find the poor and love them with food, clothing and shelter to share their misery, create love for one's neighbor and enlarge the hearts of Grinch, Scrooge and me. Peace, joy and celebration.
Mary De Voe

Anonymous said...

@Amy 7:32 AM:
The following is my take on the death penalty. Although it is not the thread please forgive me.
The murderer says to his victim: “I have a right to life, you do not”. Why does the victim not have a right to life? Is the victim not a human being, a sovereign person, a citizen? Is the victim deserving of death? Justice is giving every man what he deserves. Killing an innocent man impugns his innocence, his veracity and his virtue of Justice. Retribution, vengeance, and vindication are called for to respond to the victim’s death, which says that the victim deserved to be put to death and the killer is doing the work of the state.
A truly repentant murderer will have expired over the thought of his crime. To allow a murderer to relive and enjoy his crime in prison for any amount of time is to collaborate with the crime.
I can forgive my murderer. I cannot forgive another person’s murderer without becoming an accessory after the fact and aiding and abetting any subsequent crimes the murderer is left unchained to commit.
Why was the victim not given the time to make his peace with God? How can a murderer claim heaven for himself, when he may have denied heaven to his victim? Send the murderer to hell, to take the place of his victim....
Mary De Voe

George @ Convert Journal said...

There is little Catholic voice in the country due to the many mixed messages. We are neutralized. The USCCB plays a big role in this mess, unable or uninterested in a consistent, truly Catholic message.

The quoted message comes from this. It was written by Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton and Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany.

Bishop Hubbard is Gov. Andrew Cuomo's bishop and apparent supporter. Cuomo (a Democrat) spearheaded NY "gay marriage", is "remarried" outside the Church, and a strong proponent of abortion. Bishop Hubbard has quite a track record too (see this for instance).

Is there really a need for these Bishops to speak on behalf of the Catholic Church on this political matter? Doesn't this run counter to Archbishop Dolan's (President of the USCCB) recent comments on this kind of thing? It said (in part) "We bishops are very conscious that we are pastors, never politicians,” Archbishop Dolan added. “As the Second Vatican Council reminds us, it is the lay faithful who have the specific charism of political leadership and decision. The high call to public service which you have nobly answered entitles you and all our elected officials to our respect and constant prayer.”

Anonymous said...

Boehner should be denied communion because he is part of the Big Government problem. Big Government isn't the solution; it's the problem. Any politician that doesn't vote in favor of cut, cap and balance plan should be denied communion. Jesus would be against government and so should we. I'm not concerned about the poor - even Jesus said "the poor will always be amongst you". We need to cut welfare programs so we can better fund the military.

Anonymous said...

Funny. The Left is all for the separation of Church & State, until they're not.

andrew said...

I attended university in Bishop Blaire's diocese. This is the sort of socialist borderline-heretical mumbo jumbo that he forces onto his local Church.

When will the Vatican save the Church in California?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Amy & Anonymous at 11:27.

What qualifies this secular commentator to tell others how to practice their faith? If he believes that communion may be withheld then apparently he buys into the argument that if one gives support to denying persons the right to live and exist, the right upon which all social justice rights are based on in the first place, one has placed one's self already outside of the communion of the Church. The withholding is not the act by which one places self outside of communion with the Church, it is his or her own actions, and the denial of communion has to do with safeguarding the sacrament from sacrilege and the scandal caused by the public acts of the one who professes to be a Catholic. As to the effects upon one who places himself outside of communion by his own actions, the denial of the communion at the Mass is just redundant.

Bob the Ape said...

Anonymous at "August 2, 2011 10:49 AM": Oh, now I get it - you're trying to be funny.

Didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Boehner should be denied communion for his support of unjustified war (clearly communicated by JP2 and Benedict) and for his support of the death penalty... those are the reasons...

Anonymous said...

Apeman, I meant to say cut, CRAP, and balance. Hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

So how's that bushy taxy cutty thing working for ya? I guess just fine if you're one of those "job creators" and not one of the 9% unemployed (nine years in to the bush tax cuts for the top income earners that are doing just fine while the middle is struggling).

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