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Let's Unionize Planned Parenthood!!!

Conservatives for years have dreamed of defunding the biggest abortion provider in the country.

Lila Rose and the Live Action gang has done several videos showing them to be a corrupt organization that covers up rape. The SBA-List has campaigned around the country attempting to get Congress and/or state legislatures to defund Planned Parenthood. Pro-life activists and local pro-life organizations have called, written, demonstrated in an attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

But now it seems the left may do what the right hasn't been able to do. The SEIU is attempting to unionize the workers at Planned Parenthood. And this is one time conservatives should totally get behind the SEIU. Hey, there's no quicker way to bankrupt a company than letting the unions get in there. Just ask the car companies.

John Ransom at Townhall writes:

“161 care providers at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW) voted to form a union with SEIU Local 49 in a National Labor Relations Board Election (NLRB), says the Lund Report. “The vote was a strong majority for the union with a tally of: 97 yes for the union and 43 no.”

If further local Planned Parenthood shops decide to unionize under SEIU, if would prove a very complicated - although admittedly ironic twist, and certainly one full of poetic justice- for the brazen abortion provider.

Management at the Planned Parenthood clinic, of course, opposed unionizing for America for the same reasons that the rest of us think the SEIU sucks.

“In multiple emails, [Planned Parenthood CEO David] Greenberg told employees to weigh the arguments and make up their own minds,” reported the Portland Mercury. “But in an email dated July 19th, he writes that the union may be promising more than it can deliver and says, ‘I hope you will not vote to have SEIU represent you.’”

Greenberg cited the increased costs required for unionization as one the main reasons Planned Parenthood management was opposed to the move.

A more pressing issue is how much say the union will have in running things at Planned Parenthood.
This couldn't make me happier. Honestly. The leftist lunatics are seeking to milk other leftist lunatics dry. It's kinda' like the snake eating its tail. Or something.

I can't believe we didn't think of this earlier. Let's all get behind unionizing Planned Parenthood. I can't wait for the first strike!

I foresee a day when pro-lifers and union thugs will march together hand in hand outside abortion clinics. It'll be sooooo beautiful. I'll bring the inflatable rat.

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ProudHillbilly said...

ROTFL!!! Couldn't happen to a better bunch!!!!

Paige Kellerman said...

They should tell all the PP workers they'll get a free trucker hat with every signature...LOL

Anonymous said...

Then when the "doctor" orders his nurse thugs to go across the street and dig up the crosses in the dirt, they'll have to call their union representatives first.

Micah said...

What happens when they go bankrupt and ask for a bailout?

Mack said...

Here's another strange union connection: The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the United Auto Workers. Although the VFW is cagey in the matter, a little 'net searching sure turns up lots of smoke. Also, he VFW fuhrership...um...leadership, as you may remember, supported Senator Barbara Boxer last fall.

I dropped my membership; I cannot speak for any other veteran, but the leadership of the VFW no longer represents anything I stand for.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best ironic ideas I've heard yet... combine that with a "reverse Hyde Amendment" that would REQUIRE Medicaid to pay for EVERY abortion and voila, abortuaries would go out of business like crazy!

Just think, if abortuary employees belonged to a public union AND abortionists had to wait 6 months or more for their Medicaid payments (like nursing homes, mom and pop pharmacies, etc.) do, no one would want to get into the business ever again, right?



Anonymous said...

I appreciate the irony and the possibility that unions would bankrupt the abortuaries, but I'm afraid in the meantime that more babies and women would die while union workers took their required breaks. It's really too ugly for me me to have any fun imagining the PP downfall. I know I'm being a killjoy here, but really, I wouldn't wish unions or abortions on my worst enemy. The two combined is too evil to contemplate.--Suzanne, aka Ranting Catholic Mom

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the contract will protect people with religious objections to contraception and abortions. Then pro-lifers could infiltrate and get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

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