"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Perry Supports Constitutional Abortion Amendment

Rick Perry talks about low taxes which is all great but then he really starts saying the right things saying he supports a constitutional amendment against abortion and another one supporting traditional marriage.

Guy's got me intrigued.

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Blackrep said...

Just wait until he issues an executive order, bypassing both house and senate (because they are so stupid and reflect the will of a stupid electorate), forcing your young daughter to get a dangerous vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease.

You are SO going to be intrigued then.

Remember when he was Al Gore's campaign chairman in Texas? Those two bozos were a perfect fit. Slick Rick puts his finger to the wind, lets it blow through his pretty pony hair, and tailors his ethics accordingly. He's saying just the right things to inflame the deep-pocket, mega church evangelical crowd. If the clown lobby had money and a huge voter base, he'd be sporting a rainbow wig and a squirty daisy.

matthew archbold said...

So you're saying...you don't like him?

Bryan said...

I'm in Texas - have been my whole 37 years - and I agree with Blackrep. Rick does what's best for Rick - ALWAYS! I understand that others are more electable, but we really need to get behind Santirum

matthew archbold said...

I'm a Santorum fan.

Michelle said...

I agree with Blackrep and Bryan. Don't care what the man SAYS, it's what he DOES. I will never vote for someone who mandated a vaccine with questionable side effects for a non-epidemic disease (even if he wrongfully thought it was in the best interests of Texas girls)...and the fact that he profited financially from the mandate makes him on par with snakes and pond algae in my book.

matthew archbold said...

How did he profit? I hadn't heard that.

Michelle said...

OK, I retract the word "profit". Merck donated $6000 to his campaign...which I realize is just a drop in the bucket and not, technically, profit. Just shady. I'll elevate him to mangy dog. Regardless, his mandate usurped parental authority for no serious reason, which is definitely not a conservative mentality.

Erika Evans said...

I'm not a fan of the Gardasil incident, but last I checked everyone's allowed to make mistakes, even politicians. And the state legislature saw the error and rectified it; hooray for checks and balances!

Overall I am a huge Perry supporter because of his social conservatism (which I do believe is genuine) and I feel he's a man doing a man's job, as opposed to President Obama who is not only immoral but 500% over his head.

Andrew said...

The two biggest pro-life groups in Texas are on record in supporting Perry and his long, consistent support of pro-life measures, many of which he was crucified by the media for.

He has indeed made some mistakes, and he is surely not perfect, but I would love to see a Perry/Santorum ticket!

Chris-2-4 said...

I am not sure where I stand on Rick Perry, but if the biggest knock on the guy after 12 years of governing Texas is the Gardasil debacle, then that's not too shabby. Consider:

Getting/Requiring a vaccine is NOT immoral, even if it's a vaccine against sexually transmitted disease. If I understand correctly, the justification of getting it at a young age (before sexual activity ever begins) is that this is the age at which it is most effective at preventing contraction in the future when sexual activity does begin (even if it's just with a future spouse).

And I also understand that the mandate included a parental opt-out, so it's really an unmandated mandate, which left parents with their rights fully intact.

I don't like the way he went about it and was unapologetic in the face of great opposition, but that is a political move and blunder not some moral failing.

SpearWolf said...

Like you, Matthew, I find him intriguing. Not being from TX, I don't yet know much about him. However, I do know that WHOEVER wins the Republican nomination will get my enthusiastic support, because they will be FAR, FAR better than Obama.

Anonymous said...

Perry supports abortions for rape and incest...doesn't that make him pro-abotion with exceptions?

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