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San Fran to Make It Illegal for CPC's Not to Abort

In one of the more blatant attempts to silence pro-lifers, the city that attempted to ban circumcision is now attempting to make it illegal for crisis pregnancy centers not to perform abortions. That's right.

According to the Blaze:

In a joint press conference with Supervisor Malia Cohen, City Attorney Dennis Herrera said the ”right-wing, politically motivated centers” use false advertisements to target vulnerable populations and can cost women valuable time as they decide whether or not to end a pregnancy…

The two officials both took action against the centers Tuesday: Cohen introduced legislation that would prohibit centers from making misleading statements about the services they provide, while Herrera took the first step toward legal action against a center he accused of doing just that.
What's the basis for the accusation of misleading women? It seems that when these pro-abortion wackjobs Googled "abortion," an ad comes up for a crisis pregnancy center called "First Resort."

The horror!

As Zombie, who I believe is pro-choice points out his blog, "If you scour First Resort’s Web site, nowhere do they claim that they provide abortions, or even advocate for abortions. In fact, quite the opposite: they use various code words like “values” and “adoption” which make it pretty clear they’re coming from a “keep the baby” perspective in their counseling."

Remember there's nothing misleading about the ad at all but because it's high in the Google search ranking, San Fran legislators are worried that some women are visiting CPC's and then not aborting their children. That's angering these pro-abortion wackjobs because Big Abortion supports Democratic candidates and when Big Abortion loses money, so do Democratic candidates.

So they make laws to silence pro-lifers like this one.

So, in short, the CPC's would be criminally liable for mentioning abortion in their ads but it would be perfectly legal for them to start actually performing abortion. Think on that for a while. It would be illegal for pro-lifers to say "abortion" but not to perform one.

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Bill said...

Health care professionals who have a problem with abortions should not work in a CPC. It's a bit like a member of the WCTU accepting work in a saloon and then trying to change it.

Anthony S. Layne said...

@ Bill: That's as much as to concede Hererra's wackjob contention that CPCs should only exist to steer women towards abortion clinics. So your simile is inapposite.

Matthew A. Siekierski said...

Bill, why is it necessary for CPCs to include abortion as a service? Must all doctor's offices include brain surgery as a service, even if the doctor is a podiatrist?

There's a huge difference between choosing to work at a CPC that performs abortions and refusing to participate and a CPC choosing not to perform abortions.

Anonymous said...

Evil and insanity are closely related.


Bill said...

Anyone who does not know that CPC's are in to abortions is not very perceptive.

Anonymous said...

the CPC in my town, on the main street i might add, does not offer abortive or contraceptive services....

Hal Duston said...

Just as an FYI, I believe that Zombie is also female.

Brent said...

Can someone turn around and sue Planned Parenthood as their name may falsely lead someone to believe that PP will help them become a parent?

Anonymous said...

Do crisis pregnancy centers and Planned Parenthood provide labor and delivery services? If not, why not? It should be the law that PP provide these services since their name implies they are planning parenthood.

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