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The Greatest 911 Call...Evah!

Ha! A four year old girl calls 911 for help with her Math homework. Awesome.

HT Viral Footage

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Wendi said...

Why does a four year old even have homework? And subtraction?! Seriously?!

Although I do think the 911 operator handled it fairly well...for a man. :lol

Anonymous said...

ummm..yeah. 4 year olds don't do math problems like that. This is totally fake. Funny...but fake.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's probably not homework, per se. It's probably an enrichment math book that her parents gave her to do. Or possibly, it's one of those things where the younger kid wants to do whatever the older kid is doing, so the parents gave her a math workbook in self defense.

Clare@ BattlementsOfRubies said...

Funny, but I think it was set up. The caller sounded older than four to me and something about the mummy shouting in the background seemed staged to me.
The operator was great about it though.

Rick said...

Could be 4 going to 5 doing kindergarten stuff.

kat said...

That is so fake- the caller is not 4 and no preschooler has homework, much less subtraction involving 2 digit numbers.

My youngest child did call 911 by accident when she was 9 months old though. That was the last time I let the baby play with the phone.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who has their 4 year old in a school where she's doing math homework really needs to lighten up

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