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Steven Crowder on Marriage Myths

Steven Crowder sets the record straight on marriage with a bit of off color humor thrown in. So if PG-13 offends you, don't watch.

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Foxfier said...

Going off of all the "fix your pets" drives, they do hate puppies.....

Jason said...

I thought about it and half the people I know (or pretty close) are divorced.

Foxfier said...

Odd. Most of the folks I know are/were in the Navy, and maybe one in ten are divorced. (Although there was one chief that was trying to make up the odds on his own-- had almost as many divorces as bastard children he paid on.)

JMJ Catholic said...

Funny...I know very few people who are divorced. Maybe one in 30.

Anonymous said...

Watched this with hubby... got a chuckle...Was she hitting on him!

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