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Teacher Disciplines Students Who Say "Bless You"

A teacher is penalizing students who say "Bless you" after someone sneezes and the school district is now determining whether saying "Bless you" is a classroom disruption.

MSNBC reports:

Teacher Steve Cuckovich docked his students' scores after they said "bless you" in the middle of class. He says talking of any kind is disruptive and takes time away from class.

Cuckovich teaches health at William C. Wood High School in Vacaville.

"The blessing doesn't make any sense anymore," Cuckovich told the Fox affiliate in Sacramento. "When you sneezed in the old days, they thought you were dispelling evil spirits out of your body. So they were saying, 'God bless you,' for getting rid of evil spirits. But today, what you're doing doesn't really make any sense."
I'm sure this has nothing to do with the teacher not wanting to hear anything religious in a public school. Reportedly, the teacher is taking 25 points off test grades for saying "bless you."

The district weighed in yesterday saying that the "students were sneezing in dramatic fashion with the intent of disrupting class." So it seems to me that this teacher has very little control of his classroom. But the school district rather than dumping this imbecile is reviewing the use of "bless you" by students. The district said:
"It was brought to the District’s attention a few days ago that students were disciplined for being disruptive in class. The teacher believed that students were dramatically sneezing and responding in repetitive fashion “Bless You”. One of the concerns is the social convention of saying “Gesundheit”, “God Bless You”, or “Bless You” after someone sneezes. Of question is whether a series of these repeated remarks by several students constitutes freedom of speech or a classroom disruption and merits student discipline. Vacaville Unified’s Administration is continuing its investigation of this reported classroom disruption. We are reviewing the impact of this disruption and the student grading policy. Certainly a blessing by one individual to another after a sneeze is a welcomed acknowledgement of a social norm. Hopefully it is not abused as a disruption of classroom instructional activities."

What could be happening here is that the kids know this guy hates to hear about God so they pretend to sneeze and say "God bless you" or just "bless you." I don't know but it sounds like the kind of thing I would've done as a stupid kid.

But it's clear that this teacher has completely lost control of his students and what's the possible solution? No more "God bless you." Consider this reason # 374,598 to not send your children to public school.

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Sophia's Favorite said...

It's not an argument against public schools, it's an argument against living in California.

SpearWolf said...

True enough. But, don't forget that most of the leftist lunacy that infects our nation started in CA (aka the Land of Fruits & Nuts)

Anonymous said...

Ironically enough, I'd be willing to bet that saying "F you" instead of "Bless you" in a class would NOT cause 25 points to be deducted from anyone's test scores. Especially if a member of a Protected Class was saying to the The Man.

I wonder how the teacher and the school district feel about "Allahu Akbar!"


Louis said...

I think the teacher better start by retaking the history class. The Bless You phrase had nothing to do with evil spirits coming our of any mouths. The phrase originated during the plagues and sneezing was a sign of sickness. Since the sick were the most vulnerable to the plague, the phrase "Gesundheit", or "God bless you", was used as a short prayer to wish the person a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

"God bless you" came into use with the plague as people believed that they were expelling their souls with every sneeze and the "God bless you" brought them renewed health. Since the government does not give an instant of life, the sneeze is unplanned, and every person is dying every instant, the government can: 1) LAY DOWN AND DIE FOR ITS CITIZENS 2)WISH THE CITIZEN GOOD HEALTH (TAXPAYER) 3) RECOGNIZE THE PERSON'S FREEDOM TO BE SUPPORTED IN HIS BATTLE FOR GOOD HEALTH. 4) JOIN THE PERSON'S BATTLE FOR GOOD HEALTH. 5) CATCH THE CONTAGION AND FACE THE JUDGE OF THE WORLD.
Mary De Voe

Anonymous said...

It is only because my left leg has fallen asleep that I did not read Louis' post. Louis said the same thing first. I am happy to know the good news is going out.
Mary De Voe

Anonymous said...

Speaking of plagues: The people of Oberammagau (sp) in Bavaria prayed and promised to spend their life commemorating the life of Jesus Christ if they were spared the plague. The plague went away. After two hundred years they forgot their promise and neglected the life of Jesus and the plague returned with a vengeance. The people again took up THE PASSION PLAY, and carving of statues of Mary and Jesus and the plague abated to this very day. There is no cure for the plague. My father told me that if one digs up a corpse or bones of somebody who died of the plague, even after a hundred years, they run the risk of contagion. Seems to make a good case for cremation, I suspect.
Mary De Voe

Anonymous said...

You're an ass.

Amy Giglio said...

The whole banning of the bless you is stupid. But have you ever taught a class of 20 teens or preteens a subject that they perceive as not being terribly important? The fake sneezes and the bless you's happen and it gets crazy. The kids were ridiculous and the teacher overreacted.

Niall Mor said...

This guy puts the kook in Cuckovich.

Tony said...

Kook-o-vitch. You can't make this stuff up. (Niall beat me to it. :P)

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