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Crosses Vandalized, Pro-Lifers Pelted with Feces

A pro-life display of wooden crosses memorializing the unborn victims of abortion on the campus of the University of Buffalo were vandalized and several pro-lifers were pelted with dog feces at a nearby abortion clinic.

Jackie Anderson, communications director for Students for Life of America, told OneNewsNow that their campus representative was able to watch a recorded security video. "[It] showed kind of blurry images of four individuals methodically ripping up the crosses and the sign making up the display and putting them in trash bags which were hauled off," Anderson explains. "The campus police were able to recover the bags."

Later, a pro-abort nutjob was arrested for knocking over one of the crosses. The genius later boasted about it to his buddies on the "UB Freethinkers" Facebook page.

I do love the irony of a "Free thinker" vandalizing a pro-life display because he disagrees with it. The crosses were vandalized numerous times over a short period and don't forget those folks throwing feces at pro-lifers as well, indicating that Buffalo is a hotbed of free thinkers.

No other arrests have been made for the other acts of vandalism or the assault on pro-lifers.

The University of Buffalo reports:

University Police continue to investigate other instances of vandalism that occurred to the crosses. A $500 reward has been offered for information leading to additional arrests and convictions. Anyone with information is encouraged to aid the investigation by contacting University Police at 716-645-2222.

"The university takes very seriously any crime committed on its campus," says Dennis R. Black, vice president for university life and services. "Anyone found responsible will face appropriate campus and criminal charges.

"UB is a public forum for the exchange of ideas," Black added. "We respect the rights of all students and their organizations to present their views on a variety of topics, and we ask others to respect these rights as well.

"We were disappointed to learn of reports of repeated vandalism. As a university, we promote understanding and diversity of thought; we cannot tolerate repression of these ideals."
Actually, it seems like the University of Buffalo was on this pretty quick so kudos to them. But awesome super duper kudos to those brave pro-lifers out there who just keep telling the truth about what's going on despite all the vandalism, scorn, and assaults. God bless you guys.

Jill Stanek has more.

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Anonymous said...

HHS Kathleen Sebelius has declared WAR on pro-lifers and her USEFUL IDIOTS are accommodating her. Throwing eggs with salmonella and dog feces with more diseases is more than assault and battery.

Father Shelton said...

I like your phrase "pro-abort nutjob". I thought I might start using it to refer to all promoters of abortion, but then I realized that it's hard to pronounce aloud, especially in repetition!

Anonymous said...

Throwing feces? These pro-aborts have been hanging around chimps, haven't they? Scotju

Anonymous said...

It's obvious with the election of Obama the abortionists consider the discussion over ("I won") and no longer need to hide behind all the different facades like "common ground", "safe, legal and rare", etc, etc. Good - let their true face show.

Like the OWS protesters the whole feces thing is very telling of how far gone these people really are. The obsession of abortion is demonic. We need to pray hard for these people.

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