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Occupy Wall Street vs. 40 Days for Life

Let's take an in depth (and a little snarky) look at two movements in this nation right now. Let's compare the Occupy Wall Street movement vs. 40 Days for Life.

We'll start off with some visuals and then drill down into the details.

40 Days?



Or 40 Days?

Occupiers? Free college education, debt forgiveness, a single payer healthcare system, income without employment, open borders, more trees.

40 Days? Please don't kill babies.

Occupiers? Over 700 people have been arrested.
40 Days? None that I've heard of.

The media?

Occupiers? Currently 16,700 news articles.
40 Days? Currently 88 stories.

Occupiers? Mainly centered in one city with some other protests in large cities.
40 Days? Nationwide movement with thousands of families at over 240 locations.

Occupiers? Cornel West, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Moore.
40 Days? Uhm. Does Abby Johnson count? She was on EWTN, I think.

Occupiers? Pretty much anywhere in public. It's kinda' like Woodstock on Wall Street.
40 Days? They go home or to the nearest CPC thank you very much.


Occupiers? Masks. Zombie makeup.
40 Days? Strollers. Lots of strollers.

Lives saved?
Occupiers? None. Not one. Zero.
40 Days? Over 4,000. And counting...

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Joel Torczon said...

You sure outdid yourself in showing how selfish and misguided the occupiers are in contrast to my fellow 40 Days for Life participants. I am forwarding this far and wide!

ProudHillbilly said...

Perfect! But the 40 Days folks will be the ones derided.

SherryTex said...

Remember, the 40 days is not an expression of the American people and their opinions about a reality, but the zombies on wallstreet, they represent some silent majority that isn't speaking out...right...

priest's wife said...

so important to rmember from Blessed Theresa of Calcutta- FAITHFULNESS NOT SUCCESS (even though I consider 4,000 babies saved a HUGE success)

Fr. Denis Lemieux said...

At the risk of being slightly contrarian, I actually have a lot of sympathy for the occupiers on Wall Street. I mean, they don't know what they want, they're an undisciplined mess, terribly indoctrinated in liberal socialism, etc., etc... But I think these protests are coming out of a deep sense that something has gone badly wrong in society. It would be good to see if we Christians can find ways to reach out to these disaffected youth who are looking for... something... anything. Just a thought.

Fr. Denis Lemieux said...

Addendum to my previous comment - that yes, of course, from the available evidence, a certain percentage of the protestors are, in fact, crazy and basically need professional mental health care.

elm said...

Three women chose life in my town yesterday.

Rick said...

Occupiers? Barrack Obama
40 Days? Jesus Christ

Supporting Organizations:
Occupiers? Communist Party of the USA, ACORN
40 Days? Roman Catholic Church and other believers

Occupiers? Dark, dreary, violent
40 Days? Light, joyful, peaceful

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street "occupiers" are simply bratty children at play. Soon they will see that their time in the spotlight of the fake world of the media is over. Then they will pick up their toys and go home. America is a very sick country right now; something is very wrong and there is no way out of this without God and His holy Catholic Church. "Holy Mary, Mother of grace and mercy, defend us from the wicked spirit, reconcile us with Thy Son, commit us to His keeping, so that we may be made worth of His promises." Pray, folks.

Charles said...

Haha, nice. Actually, I think the reach for 40 Days for Life is international.

MarylandBill said...

I am with Father Denis on this. Obviously there are elements in the Wall Street Protest that any good Christian needs to be careful of, but I also think there are many elements that are valid critiques of our current system. After all, there are an awful lot of people on Wall Street who have gotten a lot of money from the government in the last 3-4 years (lets remember the bailout started in the Bush Administration, supported by a Democratic Congress... i.e., both sides) and have done little with the money other than sit on it to protect their own inflated salaries.

I also imagine that many of them are not necessarily looking for income with no work; they are simply looking for a way to pay their rent, feed themselves and their families, etc. I bet quite few of them would be happy to work if they could find something.

Tony de New York said...

I was yesterday were the Occupy Wall Street movement is, i saw no more than 500 people sitting, laying around, some listen to music.

Very boring. LOL

Jay said...

Free college? At least they seem to have figured out the value of what they're being taught.

crusader said...

Culture of Death vs. Culture of Life. Brief and enlightening. Very nice, Mr. Archbold.

Paula said...

I have to say, I find the derision in this comparison completely unnecessary. I'm a supporter of both causes, and I think both causes are good and right for America (although not only America in the case of 40 Days). Occupy Wall Street is about the oppression and corruption that corporate-controlled America has put on the shoulders of its citizens, which should definitely be stopped, just as abortion should definitely be stopped. That corruption, similar to abortion, has affected the quality of life in America. And in my opinion, both are perfectly valid causes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know, you're a Christian. But you could have fooled me.

“Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare . You're thinking of Jesus.”

Anonymous said...

Yeah. GD stinky hippies. What do they know? Vietnam is WELL WORTH all the money and lives we are pouring into it. Oh...wait...


Anonymous said...

The "Occupy Wall Street protestors" are remaining in Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, and members of the clergy are expected to join the effort later today.

They can't be real clergy. Our kind of clergy does not like that stuff about rich men and needle's eyes. LOL.

Anonymous said...

A conservative journalist has admitted to infiltrating the group of protesters who clashed with security at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum on Saturday — and he openly claims to have instigated the events that prompted the museum to close.

IOW, be very careful before you decide who the good guys are. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Addendum to my previous comment - that yes, of course, from the available evidence, a certain percentage of the protestors are, in fact, crazy and basically need professional mental health care."

And you know that how, padre? You are a psychiatrist? You've gone into the crowds and even talked to any of these CRAZY PEOPLE, much less ministered to or tried to understand their concerns? On the face of it, that is one of the MOST disgusting things I have heard any member of the clergy say on this subject. I suggest you'ver got some explaining to do to the big guy upstairs tonight. ;-)

Thibaud said...

You Anglo-Saxons are so funny. I suppose the author of this blog and most of the commenters are poor and will stay poor all their life, just like me, but, being Anglo-Saxon, they love the rich and are horrified at the prospect of increasing rich people's taxes. You're saying : "I would rather die because of lack of medical care, rather than receiving medical care paid for by the taxes of billionaires. I infinitely prefer Lady Gaga buying herself a 10th Ferrari with her money rather than see an infinitely small amount of that money being stolen from her by the Government (boo ! Government is bad !) to be used to pay for my 2 year-old life-or-death operation that I can't afford ! It's my own fault that I'm poor and can't pay for my children healthcare. I don't understand what my fault is, since I worked hard all my life, always wanted a job, and when I wasn't unemployed against my will I worked 90 hours a week, but it must be my fault, because I'm poor ! Bless you, rich people, our intellectual and moral superiors !".

I can't decide if this is heroically brave or incredibly stupid. Probably both.

Cutting the snark, I see no fundamental contradiction at all between Occupy Wall Street and 40 Days for Life. And neither would, I am sure, some people like Pope Benedict (read his freaking encyclical Caritas in Veritate or any of the thousands of speeches in which he denounced capitalism, advocated environmental policies or wrote (as Joseph Ratzinger, I admit) that Marx's descriptive work was basically perfectly right (though the policies he recommended were terrible) (he wrote this in Jesus of Nazareth, Tome I)), all the previous Popes since Leo XIII (Pius XI, Pius XII, Paul VI, John XXIII, John-Paul II,...) who wrote encyclicals after encyclicals condemning capitalism, calling for Government (boo ! bad !) intervention in the economy and right to healthcare, or, well, Lord Jesus Christ, who said "Blessed are you the poor" and "Woe unto you that are rich" (Luke 6:20-22), called for rich people to give all their money to poor people or well, they had very little chance not to go to hell (Matthew 19, 24).

In particular, the occupiers' call for a right to healthcare is 100% complementary to the wonderful job of 40 Days for Life : 40 Days for Life affirm that human beings have a right to life from their conception to their birth, a right to healthcare means that human beings have a right to life after their birth.

PS : 40 Days for Life is doing an extraordinary, probably miraculous job and that is one Anglo-Saxon invention that I definitely want to see imported in my country. God bless them.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Thibaud, I don't know if you're for real or not. Your own snarky "you anglo-saxons" leads me to believe that you aren't, since you're obviously trying to do some good old-fashioned race-baiting. You also misquote the Popes, who condemned socialism and called for the principle of subsidiarity. If you insist on twisting the encyclicals, why do you call Caritas in Veritate "freaking"? And no, Cardinal Ratzinger would never have stated that Karl Marx the atheist was correct. You fool no one here, with the possible exception of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Occupy Wall Street will lead to Communism, which has never helped the poor, but brutalized and killed many millions of people. If the OWS people wanted to target their protest accurately they would complain about the educational system that has failed them so miserably and the welfare state that got built up by their forefathers in the 60s. Now they want to add another layer of entitlements to bury us all alive.

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