"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Pelosi's Most Disgraceful Moment Yet

On the House floor today Nancy Pelosi sank to a new low in criticizing pro-life Congressmen behind the Protect Life Act, which simply ensures that no funds from Obamacare may be used to pay for abortion or abortion coverage and also reinstates conscience protections for pro-life medical workers. Check out her despicable verbiage.

How disgusting is that? But that's not even the worst part. Think about this. Pelosi is fighting to keep abortion funding in Obamacare after months of insisting that "there is no public funding of abortion."

This woman is a horror show.

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Blackrep said...

Her most disgraceful day was the day that she set foot in the Vatican, and the Pope's most disgraceful day was the day she walked out of the Vatican, still a member of his Church in good standing.

When is he going to be serious about abortion? Other than speeches, I mean?

Ed@catholicdre said...

She is causing scandal and her statements need to be publicly condemned by our bishops. Pray for bishops, they have a tough job.

Anonymous said...

I agree that bishops have a tough job. A conclusion that Pelosi is causing scandal, and has excommunicated herself, is not so tough at all. A public pronouncement of that fact by her bishop is required. So far, he's been found wanting in the execution of his duties.

lisag said...

Telling lies and misrepresenting the facts is the practice of the day. Lying has infused itself into our society. Lying to oneself it the most detrimental for eternal salvation.

Laura V said...

The horrors of abortion and the destruction of the family will never stop until the Bishops stand against people like Nancy Pelosi. The laity cannot do this alone. All public officials who deny official Church teachings must be held to account publicly.

Anonymous said...

Yep, if the bishops keep letting these people into churches and don't speak out, then they will keep doing it.

Anonymous said...

They could silence good priests that speak out against homosexuality--but this raving woman gets by with murder and not a peep from the cowardly bishops. She should be public excommunicated to prove to the faithful the error of her thinking. It seems the bishops,along with Pelosi--and standing side by side-- will have a lot to answer for at the Last Judgment.

annemcd said...

Killing babies isn't healthcare. She makes my skin crawl.

elm said...

When you are assembled and my spirit is present, with the power of our Lord Jesus, you are to deliver this woman to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that her spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be new dough as you really are unleavened.1Corithians 5:4-7

It would truly be for her own good and the good of the whole Church. Scandal has to stop. She has excommunicated herself. Does she even have nerve enough to show up for Mass?

Pray that she publicly repents and is welcomed back into the fold.

Warren Anderson said...

Nancy Pelosi has put herself another step closer to hell. She knows exactly what she is doing. She applauds the tossing of unborn babies into the Valley of Gehenna. Heaven and earth are crying out to end the abomination of abortion and she has sided with the culture of death. How many Mozarts, how many Einsteins and Emily Dickinsons have been lost because a selfish generation has promoted the destruction of its posterity?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't her bishop simply say that she is in grave danger of cutting herself off from the Church, and briefly list the reasons? That would certainly get her attention, and the attention of the media. I for one would love to hear her response.

Joel Torczon said...

Who is this woman's bishop? Is it the one in San Francisco or D.C.? I'm ready to itch his ears about this latest scandal from her, which should be the final straw needed to publicly excommunicate her.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video. Didn't realize how crazy she is.

Clinton said...

Back in 2008, then-Speaker Pelosi publicly claimed that the Church has
been inconsistent over the centuries in its views on abortion. She
insisted that she is a 'devout, practicing Catholic' and her pro-abortion
record changes nothing in that regard. Several bishops spoke out then
to point out that what she said was, in fact, wrong.

At that time His Excellency George Neiderauer, the Archbishop of San
Francisco and Mrs. Pelosi's ordinary, issued an invitation to Madame
Speaker to come and chat about her novel and publicly expressed views
on abortion and the Church. Pelosi agreed to the meeting, but a date
was never set as she was so very, very busy.

And so here we are, three years later. I certainly hope that His Excellency hasn't been waiting by the phone for her to call, because it
seems pretty clear he's been blown off, and rather publicly at that.
Her behavior certainly hasn't changed in the meantime.

This whole sorry spectacle only tells me that our bishops, on the
whole, can't be bothered to publicly address the issue of the public
scandal of the career of Mrs. Pelosi. What would it take for someone
like her to be denied Communion? Does she have to publicly
sacrifice babies to Moloch on the floor of the House and broadcast
it on C-SPAN?

Niall Mor said...

For once I'm grateful that the sound on my computer is not working properly at the moment. I could watch her lips move, but I wouldn't have to hear what she has to say.

Sand Mama said...

Anyone ever notice that its usually the most scandalous horrible politicians that characterize themselves as 'devout' rather than 'practicing'.
Nancy is genuinely terrifying.

Kimberley said...

Here is the link to send an email to her archbishop. http://www.sfarchdiocese.org/forward.cfm?p=send%20url&navid=77

Anonymous said...

Please, please let's stop ripping at the Bishops, or even Pelosi for that matter, and instead do what pleases Jesus: Pray, fast, sacrifice. He doesn't bless criticizing others (even if they deserve it). So forgive me if I sound like I'm on a high horse (because this outrages me as much as anyone!) but I think we should all stop the gossiping/ripping and pray, fast, sacrifice, and get involved actively in opposing these things. Also, even if one thinks they are wrong, it is totally improper and uncatholic to judge and condemn bishops. Period. Ask St Padre Pio, who knew what it was to be treated badly by one!!

Anonymous said...

PS - how about every one of us reading this agree to pray every day for courage for our bishops in dealing with these scandals? More time praying, less time commenting. Prayer works.

Anonymous said...

PPS - not that we shouldn't expose the hypocrisy of Pelosi - I just mean that our comments are sometimes beyond what is needed for that - it's just venting - we can use that time to PRAY or write letters to Congress!!

Anonymous said...

I agree...when is her bishop going to take a stand and remove her from the Church? I hesitate to use the word courageous, because it should not be an issue of courage. It should be an issue of principle. Representative Pelosi is not a Catholic and it is time to take the gloves off and expose her for what she is: a cold, vindictive, MURDERER.

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