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We'll Starve That Baby Out Of You

What the heck?

MILTON, Ontario, November 2, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - An Ontario inmate who is seven months pregnant says she has been put into a small, cold cell with a diet of bread and water after refusing to undergo an “early induction” that would put her child’s life and health at risk.

Eva Donna Akinyi Okello was sentenced to eight months prison in September for practicing as a nurse illegally. She had served as a nurse in Kenya before she moved to Canada ten years ago.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews reporter Alissa Golob on Tuesday, Okello said a female doctor at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton has put her into segregation after Okello refused the doctor’s urgings that she undergo an “early induction” of her child, who is due December 15th.

Babies are just such a bother, none more so than Canadian babies I say.

Thought experiment.

Prison segregates a woman in a cold cell with a diet of bread and water to prevent an abortion.


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Anonymous said...

The end is near.

Anonymous said...

i pray that the end is near...yesterdays 2nd office rdg was about death being a remedy to save us from the treachery that sin has caused. i had never thought of it that way before. makes sense

matthew archbold said...

Aren't we really seeing a government enforced abortion here?

Carolyn said...

Weird. I live in Canada, and recently just read about all these accommodations prisons here are making to keep moms and babies together because it reduces the rate of reoffending and CFS involvement in the long run. I'm thinking this is the act of the one or two lone individuals and not systemic/policy of the government. Let me rephrase. I'm HOPING it's the act of one or two lone individuals and not systemic.

That being said, my curiousity about this woman has been piqued. This is apparently not the first time she's been caught playing "nurse" without a license. Makes me wonder what she's doing...

As for the "segregating woman to prevent an abortion", you are talking about the country that idolizes Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the country's leading abortionist, and gives him the Order of Canada. Three guesses about what would happen, and the first two don't count!

Christine said...

Reality check, here. A pregnant woman, tried and sentenced for serial LYING, says "They only give me bread and water here, because I wont have my baby early." And because it fits our cause, we trumpet it as proof of the baby-hating Canadian liberals? There are human beings here beyond the baby and its mother. The prison officials, the doctors, the medical staff, the prison staff - and not a single one of them can defend themselves because of privacy concerns. Yes, the baby is helpless, and it is right to be concerned about the baby but not to the point of willful blindness to the other factors.
Imagine you are accused of abusing someone (of starving a pregnant woman, for example) and you are OBLIGATED to keep mum on the matter because anything you say in your defense violates the woman's right to privacy! I don't live in Canada, but I do work in health care. It doesn't make sense to use these sensationalized headlines to promote the culture of life. The culture of life is rational. It makes sense. This particular story . . . doesn't make a lick of sense.

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