"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Obama's God Gap

Obama very popular among those who use religion as a punchline. But on the other hand, Rasmussen reports that people who take their faith seriously think Obama's a joke:

Opinions about President Obama are divided sharply along lines of faith and religious participation.

New Rasmussen Reports national telephone surveying of likely U.S. Voters shows that the president earns a job approval rating of 58% among those who rarely or never attend church or religious services. However, among those who attend services every week or nearly every week, just 38% offer their approval. Among those who attend more than one service a week, approval is even lower at 31%.
Anyone else noticing that Obama's been going to church lately? Ya' think maybe the two things are related?

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Anonymous said...

or we can hope that all of our prayers are working and he is coming out of the dark and into the light :)

LindaF said...

Well, at least the girls are being exposed to some real religion (not the Rev. Wright kind), and it may even have an effect on their parents.

That being said, if they decide to come to MY church, I'm planning on moving as far away as possible - don't want to get hit by a stray lightning bolt.

BTW, I WON'T have a higher opinion of him - I have little respect for those political types who show up when the polls start sagging.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise known as "least shocking poll ever."

Mary De Voe said...

campaigning in church is a sacrilege, an abomination and worthy of condemnation. If Obama wants to respect God, Obama needs to preserve the human existence of God's creation. If Obama wants to respect God, Obama needs to preserve America's founding principles and keep the Rule of Law. If Obama wants to rejoin the human race, Obama needs to become human.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a commie and commies are state worshippers. It's simple and obvious.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, his poll numbers must be really low if he's missing golf for church.

David L Alexander said...

Presidents are rarely regular church-goers while in office. If you've ever had to witness the preparations forced on any church when the President attends there only once, you can appreciate the reason.

By the early 1980s, residents of a street in the Georgetown section of DC had fought the city for years, to have a large old and dying tree growing along the sidewalk torn down, before there was damage or even injury. Then it was announced that the President was going to attend the church around the corner for a memorial service. It was completely removed the next day.

Now, that may seem like a good thing, but this sort of heavy-handed measure does not always work in favor of the locals.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I find it pretty hilarious. Haven't read his Christmas message yet, though I imagine it's one of his "yet another manifestation of God"/ "Winter blessings" kinda things.

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