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Traditional Marriage Supporter Blacklisted from Teaching at College

A GOP supporter of traditional marriage has been refused by a Minnesota college from teaching a college course by those same academics who are always screaming about tolerance and dialogue.

It's called a blacklist.
Tom Emmer ran for Governor of Minnesota last year. He came very close to winning. So he accepted a job to teach an undergraduate business law course at a local university called Hamline University. And all seemed well...until the email went out to professors about a traditional marriage supporter joining the teaching staff. And then things went not so well.

It turns out that Emmer, because of his stance on marriage was blacklisted.

According to the academic journal Inside Higher Ed:

Emmer said the university decided to hire him as an adjunct faculty member in October, but the next month, opposition to his hiring surfaced after a meeting with other faculty members. By the next week, officials told Emmer, who is known for his stance opposing gay marriage, that he would not be teaching at Hamline.

In a letter to Linda N. Hanson, Hamline’s president, Emmer said: “Apparently, because of the very vocal few, the University was not going to honor our agreement.… [I]ncredibly, because of my conservative political views I will not be allowed to teach business law to Hamline students.”
The school is trying to say that he wasn't actually ever officially officially hired. A Hamline spokeswoman, said they were just "in discussions."

While that may or may not be technically true, Emmer's got an email from October in which a school administrator introduces Emmer to some other faculty members and says that he is going to be teaching the Business Law course. It reads, "“This is Tom’s first time teaching the course. I have given him a copy of your syllabus but am hoping you would be able to let him know exactly what text you are using and anything else that might be helpful for him."

That seems pretty far along "in discussions" doesn't it?

Hamline's student newspaper quoted David A. Schultz, an adjunct professor at Hamline's law school, saying that some faculty members had complained to administrators about Emmer's possible hiring, citing two issues: his stance on same-sex marriage and the fact that he was being hired without a hiring committee or faculty review, according to Inside Higher Ed.

So let's get this straight -the two reasons the academics rejected him were that Emmer supported traditional marriage and that the faculty wasn't given the chance to block him because he supported traditional marriage.

So they blocked him because they hadn't been allowed to block him...because of his stance on marriage. Got it?

Emmer said: “I think universities should be places of tolerance where, hopefully, different perspectives are welcome.... Talk of bigotry, this is not racial but this is political bigotry and it is of the worst kind.”

College and universities have tolerance for the OWS crowd but none for anyone who believes marriage is between a man and a woman. No. More evidence that when academics speak of tolerance it just means they want to get their way and anyone who stands in their way will be shunned from society.

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Anonymous said...

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that intolerance is going on there.

Anonymous said...

While the people with whom I work know I'm Catholic and probably suspect I'm "anti-choice" and "homophobic" I stay quiet about it. This kind of blacklisting goes on in many, many places. It seems those who preach "tolerance" are not very tolerant. And I live in one of the most "tolerant" places around, Northampton, MA.

Anonymous said...

A sensitivity training team came to train the students. At lunch, they ridiculed the Pope and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The one faculty member who objected was blacklisted...for evah, from every junior college. Our tax dollars at work.

Blackrep said...

I ran screaming from the Twin Cities two decades ago. I walked the mean streets of St. Paul this past summer and couldn't tell the women from the men. Good luck with that up there.

Anonymous said...

Blackrep, have you heard of Free State project? I sometimes think we need a Catholic equivalent. Lots of like-minded Catholics in the same parish/diocese could be a very good example and a beacon of hope to others!

This story is sick/typical. I go to the Univ. of Iowa. It was reported a few years ago that the History department had 22 Democrats/Independents and 0 Republicans. Now that's what I call the liberal arts.

Anonymous said...

This is good news. Now parents know where NOT to send their kids if they do not want them exposed to moral relativism, hate, intolerance and homosexuality. They can send their kids to a school that does not teach those things. Hopefully Tom Emmer can find a job at one of those good schools that teach truth and leave the commies to their indoctrination of lies.

Anonymous said...

"or prohibit the free exercise thereof" The First Amendment. Any institution or establishment that coerces, impinges, denies, ignores or forbids any part of our freedom is unAmerican and cannot receive tax dollars. The homosexual agenda has gone so far left that it has come about face. "the laws of nature and nature's God" from our Declaration of Independence disallow the abuse of another person's immortal soul. Anyone repudiating our founding principles repudiates his own citizenship and has no standing in a court of law. This case belongs in a court of law. If the judge is a practicing homosexual, this must be determined before the trial and that judge must be removed or recused, in our fair land where all men are created equal and endowed by our CREATOR with UNALIENABLE rights. Do not let them get away with this evil.

Anonymous said...

This isn't bad news. The more universities are exposed as the intolerant bastions of liberalism that they are, the better.

Now, we just have to figure out the alternative to the four-year (and beyond) degree.

DN said...

Ugggh. I just came home to the Twin Cities for Christmas and was thinking as I was driving across the state on I-94 how beautiful and wonderful Minnesota is, and how I want to move back here. Then articles like this remind me of the crazy, intolerant, bigoted liberals that live here. It hurts my heart for such a wonderful place to be so insane.

Anonymous said...

Since when is a hiring committee needed for an adjunct position? In any other situation, they would have been seriously angry to be forced to serve on an adjunct hiring committee. I worked as an adjunct for 3 years -- no committee is necessary to hire someone for the position. I simply answered the telephone one day, said, "Sure, I can start tomorrow!" and that was that.

Anonymous said...

“This new Reich will give its youth to no
one, but will itself take youth and give
to youth its own education and its only
upbringing. Your child belongs to us
already... What are you? You will pass
on. Your descendants, however, now
stand in the new camp. In a short time
they will know nothing else but this new
community.” Adolph Hitler

Anonymous said...

I just read an article in "First Things" about homeschooler "liberalism." I see a connection that gives me hope for the future.
We just need to hang in for a few more decades, then we can take the education system back. After all, these liberals aren't reproducing. The future belongs to the traditional marriage, pro-lifers - by default, if nothing else!

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