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Amazing Church Renovation

This is pretty amazing. New Liturgical Movement has an amazing photo spread showing the renovation (nea, transformation) of St. Louis Catholic Church in Memphis. What can I say other than wow?


Check out more photos here!

ht Deacons Bench

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Anonymous said...


The thing is, though, the 'before' image is not so bad compared to so many churches built in the sixties and seventies.

Carolyn said...

Awesome. I agree with Anonymous that the "before" pic wasn't too bad, but the end results is WOW! Our parish underwent a similar transformation in 2008, it was termed "the restoration". The best part? The tabernacle was moved back from and centre... right were it belongs!

Pattymelt said...

Just beautiful!

Linda said...

That's beautiful. The church where my kids grew up was, likewise, bland and non-churchy. It's gradually taken on more ornamentation, but is still far short of this.

Blackrep said...

I would love the "before." What I'm dealing with looks like the love child of a bank lobby and a space ship. Nothing can be done with that except pray that it is subsumed by natural disaster back into the molten fires of hell from which it was begotten.

Please Lord, sendeth thy refining fires. Is that so wrong? What if I also prayed, against my black nature, that the liturgist would escape safely, along with her infernal potted plants and her obscene burlap sashes and banners?

Regina said...

You're a scream, Blackrep. I'm always praying for Our Lord to Come In Glory Already!

Love the Extreme Makeover, Church Edition! Whoever did that should take his or her show in the road!

Lisa Schmidt said...

Extreme Makeover: Church Edition - what a great idea. You guys should have your readers submit their best "begging for transformation" pics.

May I be so bold to start? Here you go:

And if that's not crazy enough, check out what it looks like during Lent: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=153314121394340&set=a.153314011394351.31989.145923338800085&type=3&theater

Wendi said...

Lisa those links should come with a warning not to view on a full stomach. Blech. ;)

SIGH. The UCM churches(Ugly Church Movement) that were built ugly in the first place, don't disturb me nearly as much as the beautiful old churches that were wreck-ovated.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, the non-Lent photo isnt that bad, but the " purple ribbon monster" is quite a sight. Good luck with that.

We went to Church in Montana on vacation and it was painted inside red, white & blue. It was really old and retro though so the color was easier to internalize. I thanked God for having it there for me to attend...even red white & blue : )

We had a local Parrish renovate their interior recently...I was a little taken aback by all the art they have going on ...18 paintings set into 2 grids of 9, stunning crucifix with matching (life size) statues of Mary & John on either side...plus more statues and organ pipes and pretty much a lot of everything. One day I decided that it was "Gods Refrigerator" and He loves the art of His children ...Im ok with it now.

enness said...

WOW! Look how vibrant and majestic. That really is a glimpse of heaven!

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