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Dumb Blonde Jokes Illegal in Austria

"Two blondes are facing each other across a wide stream.
One yells to the other, "How do you get to the other side?"
The other blonde replies, "You are on the other side!""

Did you know for saying that, you could be arrested in Austria. Seriously.

Austria Times reports:

A new law that makes jokes about blondes illegal comes into force in Austria from 1 January as part of a tough new package of anti-terrorism measures.

Lawmakers argued that blond-haired people could feel themselves marginalised and end up resorting to terrorist measures to get revenge on a society that rejected them if the jokes were not banned.

The new law was originally aimed to make it easier for authorities to tackle those promoting extremist standpoints verging on promoting terrorism but by the time it was approved had been extended to include what was previously only regarded as questionable humour...

Charges for serious breaches can be up to 2 years for repeat offenders.
So they made blonde jokes illegal to avoid blond militant groups. Come on. If all the dumb blondes got together as a terror unit, would we really be in any danger.

Look, even in Charlie's Angels, let's face it Kate Jackson was doing most of the thinking. And anyway, don't you half want to see what some enraged terrorist blondes would come up with?

Now, I wouldn't want a bunch of angry redheads. No. That would worry me. But blondes?

Just imagine an army of Miss South Carolinas plotting your demise. Just imagine the fun of what they'd come up with.

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Red Cardigan said...

"Now, I wouldn't want a bunch of angry redheads. No. That would worry me. But blondes?"

Smart man. ;)

Lynda said...

This sounds just about crazy enough to be true! So blondes are most likely to go berserk and go on a killing rampage if someone jokes to them about blondes? Kind of insulting to blondes, isn't it? Reason is becoming a very rare thing.

TL Winslow said...

That law was passed because they're afraid that Ahnuld might return :)

Anthony S. Layne said...

I know better. My sister is not only one smart cookie, she can jack you up if you go too far. And her hair is Redford blonde.

Terry Nelson said...

I love that joke! "You are on the other side!" See, that just proves only one of the blondes was dumb. But which one? That's a toughie.

Hilltop said...

That Video? Ouch!

Helene said...

What does the TGIF on the top of the blonde's toes stand for? Toes Go In First.

Happy TGIF all!

Dymphna said...

Remember that piece you did on the woman who used the word retard? So why are you making fun of this girl who probably just had a nervous moment? Is that not as bad as oggling?

Trisha Niermeyer Potter @ Prints of Grace said...

Matt, thank you for alerting us to this bleached breach of peace and political correctness in our society. It never occurred to me how extremely dangerous our country and world has become particularly because dumb blonde jokes are allowed to fly rampantly. This sheds new highlights on everything and will certainly help us get to the root of the problem before the rest of us become tragic victims of the blonde bombshell. Somebody should alert Homeland Security immediately as to the true security risk out there. TGIF indeed!

Mary De Voe said...

As far as the video goes: People do not know where America is on the globe because our public schools no longer teach geography as geography is not politically correct. It was a mean and stupid question to ask seriously. Now, the: "You are on the other side" shows a certain amount of thinking out side the box...Let's nip that abstract thought in the bud, it points to a metaphysical reality, a metaphysical reality points to God. God demands freedom of each person in this world and in the metaphysical world. The exchange really threw me for a loop, and I am going to share.

Terry Nelson said...

I just watched the video. ROFLOL!

Anonymous said...


no IT'S not "as bad as ogling". THAT gets you (if you are a man) on the fast track to Hell.

Although I always did feel bad for the girl in this video. It is simultaneously very funny. But, yes, you should feel very bad for her. Poor kid.

Anonymous said...

sorry I misquoted you, "oggling"! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! *ahem*... I... um... don't have a map either. Come on, blondes have more fun! Terrorists aren't, uh, fun.

And let's all be honest. Brunnettes invented dumb blonde jokes to feel better because blondes get attention (whether good or bad). ;)


Anneg said...

German speakers have a different sense of humor (I'm being charitable). Germans are worse, but Austrians wouldn't get it. That's what makes this so funny.
Face it, they wear leather shorts!

Anonymous said...

Unless you're a naturally blonde woman, as I am, you can't understand how often blonde women are treated as if they are mentally defective. And it starts when you're just a child. The "dumb blonde" stereotype has been around for many years, many actresses have played the part. It's as wrong as portraying any other group as "dumb" solely on the basis of inherited traits.

Most blondes have a sense of humor and have been amused by some of the dumb blonde jokes but there have been nasty, sadistic "blonde jokes" in recent years.
Besides, the jokes have been going around for more than twenty years. I think it's time to put them away wherever we put the jokes about blacks, "dumb Polaks," Jews, and so on. Baby girls are still being born blonde and should grow up in a world that treats them better than we older blondes were treated.

Smart Blonde

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