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Hey, Has Anyone Seen My GOP to KKK Decoder Ring

I'm feeling a little inadequate recently because I keep reading and seeing on television that Republicans are speaking in code. I keep seeing that everything they say implied racism.

But I have a confession to make. I think I've misplaced my GOP to KKK decoder ring because I' not able to decode the words of these clever Republicans. It's weird because we always hear about how dumb the Republicans are but then I read that they're speaking in code all the time.

So if anyone has an extra GOP to KKK decoder ring, please send it to CMR because I feel like I'm being left out of all this political dialogue. Because if I don't get my decoder ring I'll have to tune in to MSNBC and CNN because they seem like they're pretty good at decoding.

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elm said...

They are just saying, "Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine."

Anonymous said...

Why bother with a decoder ring? The GOP Establishment will simply tell you what your vote was and what you support. The vote fraud in Iowa is now official: Santorum declared winner after 8 precincts vanish from the "secure" secret vote counting spot away from public scrutiny.
This country is a sickening corrupt joke.

Anonymous said...

don't need a ring, Santorums "blaaaaaa" (I DIDN"T say black btw) a good start.

30 minority kids will do the janitors job, Gingrich.

Tea party, where do I begin with the racism. Look at the signs, a good start.

Benedictine nuns sending emails with racist comments to other nuns and brothers.

The only thing is, the KKK is honest. Republicans hide behind Willie Horton adds and implying last election that John McCain had a black love child (she was his adopted daughter). The "southern strategy" has worked well for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

I just had an experience where I posted the question to my Facebook friends as to why people are so quick to call any opposition to Obama racist. Its not the kind of attack I ever see my conservative friends launch (they tend to attack the politico, not the constituency). I was bombarded with accusations of racism by my friends just for asking this question.
Clearly, the democrats have nothing so they are responding that any criticism of Obama is simply racism.
The truly sad part of this is that the Democrats are quietly ignoring it as Obama rattles sabers at Iran, fights a covert war in Pakistan and Sudan and basically continues all of the most disastrous Bush foreign policy initiatives.
He has also done NOTHING to improve the budget situation. How can the Democrats support this?
THe only this Obama seems to be willing to uphold at all costs is HHS's war on the unborn. Wow! What a legacy.
I don't care if his skin is blue. Obama is an abysmal flop as a President.

ohnimus said...

This kind of criticism isn't reserved just for the GOP. According to some people apparently Obama is as racist as they come. Really, accusations of racism is the absolute lowest form of political discourse - it is worse than useless.

Anonymous said...

"according to some people". What a cop out! "According to some people, the world is flat..." "Some people say.... is a stupid way to frame a thought".

Anonymous said...

ohnimus- Progressivism is racist in its orientation, particularly in America. I think there is a fair case to be made that Obama is afflicted by race-hatred.

Anonymous said...

"Progressivism is racist in it's orientation". Citation needed. Not like "good" Conservatism: pro: Jim crow, Con: interracial marriage, Gay rights, womens vote.

A person that is always attacked for his race would naturally be sore. Like telling an abused woman not to be so sensitive.

Show evidence of Obama "race-hating" if you can.

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