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Army Orders Soldiers to Wear Fake Breasts and Empathy Bellies

The Army is ordering soldiers to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand and empathize with pregnant soldiers.

Come on. If this doesn't scream to you that the end is near you're just not listening.

Army enlisted leaders all over the world are being ordered to take the Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Exercise Leaders Course, according to Fox News.

I was honestly hoping that this was some kind of practical joke right up until the moment the video ended. But it's not. America is giving a come hither stare to our own doom.

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M said...

Un-freaking believable.

KC said...

My husband (LTC in the Army) says that the only soldiers he knows who have to take this course are the soldiers whose wives had babies while deployed. Of course, he doesn't know all there is in the Army, but I'm pretty sure he'd know.

Anonymous said...

The new all-gay US army on estrogen. What a ridiculous country you have become.

MaryW said...

Oh, good grief!! Dear Lord, please save us from this insanity!

Dave E said...

Any soldier who would even THINK of taking this course is a PANSY.

Sand Mama said...

I'm curious as to how much the DOD paid for the development and implementation of this course. No doubt some very smart consultant, who knows all the right (left) people is getting rich from their DOD contract.
Meanwhile the American taxpayer (saps!) get to pick up the bill for this silliness, nice.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

What if the other side sends lesbian troops against our guys? How will this training be of any use then?

Blackrep said...

Dear al-Qaeda: you win. I've grown fake breasts and have decided to gestate a fake baby.

Love, Uncle Sam

MichaelP71 said...

I thought that women were supposed to abort their children if they got pregnant in the service. How does this empathy training make any sense at all?? On one hand they are aborting babies and the other they are having empathy training. How about empathy training for the government that puts women into this position of "coerced abortion". I hate election years...ugh!!!

Used to post said...

The military has stood as one of the last bastions of honor in this country for a long time.

The left has been chipping away at that as hard as they can. They don't believe in chivalry or honor. Taking out the military internally takes out the heart of our warrior spirit.

That spirit of "God and Country" is fast disappearing. Almost as fast as our capability to defend ourselves.

All we hear is whining about military spending, but equipment is old and worn out, our best, most experienced troops are being given the boot and we will soon have fewer nukes than China, and a smaller Navy than since before WWI. Soon, if you put ALL of our combat troops together into the Rose Bowl, you would have thousands of empty seats left over. THAT should care the heck out of everyone. That is not enough troops for the most basic self defense. So that leaves us with - what? Nuking people?

Swaziland, Mauritania, Eritria, the Maldives and even GREECE spend more (%GDP) on Defense than we do! Not to mention countries like China. Heck Saudi Arabia spends more than DOUBLE what we do.

We are the world's largest soft target, with more to loose in more places than any other country. Yet, even despite the wars, our military spending has remained BELOW historic levels and is crashing rapidly.

I truly think that we don't have much more time left as a nation.

Just my H.O. but, if those troops are so well trained that they have time for this, then I'd make them re-learn the bayonet.

The most ridiculous part? When the military finishes transforming into the world's largest club for gays there won't BE any pregnant women around.

Rant completed.

Anonymous said...

It's not worth going to the brig for but afterwards I think I'd resign.

elm said...

This just goes to show that men are weenies. No pun intended. They couldn't possibly handle being pregnant. Whine, whine, whine. Next thing you know the female soldiers will have to experience jock itch and male pattern baldness.

There is a reason God created them Male and Female. There is also logic in that plan.
This story follows neither.

Used to post said...

@ Elm:
"They couldn't possibly handle being pregnant. Whine, whine, whine." HA! True.

I can't even handle my WIFE being pregnant!

Anonymous said...

According to empathybelly.org, ONE of these things costs $700. Talk about government waste . . . this is the tip of the iceberg. Remember this stupid idea, when they're cutting the troop numbers because the DOD needs to trim the budget. My husband used to be Active Duty Air Force and I could tell you in under 10 minutes, the various ways the DOD could save millions of dollars and the ONLY jobs lost would be those who come up with the insane ideas to make the military more "relevant," "empathetic," and "touchy-feely."

Mary De Voe said...

There are no jobs in America and young men are re-enlisting to have a job. Next a war? My first reaction was: This should scare our enemies away.

Used to post said...

I built my own empathy belly -

mostly out of beer and cake. Mmmmmnnnummy.

Anonymous said...

Do you hear something? It's our enemies laughing. And that hyenna laugh you hear is Osama from the 7th level of whereever he is.

Used to post said...

Under this administration, our Army and Marine Corps - combined - combat forced will number around 400,000 troops and Marines.

Just take a look at this video

- a few years old - but scan ahead to 2:00 to the stats.

In WWII there were single battles fought with MILLIONS of men.

We better hope we don't make our Chinese masters angry with us.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe anyone still seriously thinks of voting for this traitor, our "COC." I've got a Catholic father-in-law, whose number one issue (he says) is abortion, who STILL says he hasn't decided. WTF does it take, people? Get rid of the Kenyon before he gets rid of America.

Brian said...

Whoa, Guys, I think you are being a bit misleading on this and blowing things out of proportion. This is a requirement for those who are physical fitness trainers for pregnant and post-partum women, and as such, I can see the benefit of knowing what it feels like trying to do physical activity and stretching with an ever growing belly. As a medical professional and Navy Medical Officer, I know my own personal experiences as a parent and dealing with illness play a large part in my effectiveness in counseling other parents and individuals.

You could make the argument that perhaps this isn't the best use of our DOD budget, but let's not get carried away on this...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian for the sanity check. It is needed here. Kenyan...Really? Hate much?

Edmund said...

As someone who has led physical training before, I agree with Brian. If men are expected to lead mixed-gender PT, we need to be trained for how to make PT effective for females.

Regarding force-shrinking panic: we don't fight wars in the same way that they did in WWI/WWII, so why should we base our current force requirements on the forces used in those wars? I'll take two aircrew with smart munitions over a battalion of infantry any day.

Anonymous said...

Why is it hatred to call the president a Kenyan? I'm Kenyan, I've never heard it used as an insult. His father was Kenyan and Kenyans are generally proud to claim a US President as one of our countrymen. Christian Kenyans who understand his agenda on abortion and birth control are less proud. I'd include myself in that category, but I don't understand why you are saying it is hatred to call him Kenyan. Actually, yours is the more insulting post because you assume being called Kenyan is insulting.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Edmund. If I was in charge of organizing PT and had post-partum soldiers in a unit, I would want to have a better understanding of the challenges to be worked through. It makes sense...I guess I'm just not listening to the "end" that is approaching

Anonymous said...

Why do we have post partum soldiers in the first place? We're playing stupid PC games that are going to people killed. War is not a tea party.

Used to post said...

The primary raison d'etre of the military is to wage and win wars. Not to babysit. Not to bear any resemblance to a family (other than a reflection of familial brotherhood among men at arms). Anything other than that is a distraction. This video is just a small silly example.

The way "WE" fight wars now has nothing at all to do with the threat we face, nor does it have anything to do with how the enemy will wage war. Time and time again we've been unprepared and paid the price. (Think Chinese pouring over the North Korean border and absolutely wiping the floor with us.)

Anyone who thinks we can keep our country (and allies) safe from a large determined foe (or alliance of foes) using some drones, JDAMs and some Tomahawks is part of the problem.

Among other things, this premise relies on air supremacy - something we are in grave danger of not being able to achieve against any serious foe.

In a year or two Iran will have nuclear weapons, a religions command to use them against the US and Israel, and intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them. Keep in mind these are missile that we can NOT stop thanks to the gutting of our BMD capability and Obama's cow towing to the Russians. Ok- sure we could hit one here of there, but how many nukes do we want going off in the US? (All the tip of the iceberg. One threat among dozens!)

The fact is that we are EXTREMELY under-prepared for anything but counterinsurgency ops. We are loosing the troops, the planes, the ships, the tanks. You name it. All worn out and not getting replaced.

It's a good idea to know your (military and geo-political) history before you start playing sky-general.

Anonymous said...

Why do people have a problem with this? I'm a military officer and don't see what the problem is. Pregnancy is a big issue in the Army. There are a lot of single parents, couples that just get married to to get the extra money and then get pregnant, and insensitivity towards women who are pregnant. It used to be that if you were pregnant in the Army your chance of moving on is over. Now they are making sure that they don't abandoned these women. The people doing this course are people in positions that deal with physical training and health for those soldiers that are pregnant. Some of them are even medical personnel who treat pregnant women. Stop making such a big deal out of this.

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