"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Ave Maria Will Not Comply

Ave Maria President Jim Towey delivered a strong statement against the Obama administration's HHS contraceptive mandate.

Key quote: "Ave Maria University rejects this religious intolerance and will not bow down before government regulations that are manifestly unjust."

You can learn more at The Cardinal Newman Society.

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NancyP said...

Cardinal-elect O'Brien has said publicly that the Archdiocese of Baltimore will not comply, either.

Anonymous said...

So many of the Bishop letters issued after the mandate came down said,"I will not and cannot comply..." I just hope they stand by their word.

Mary De Voe said...

from the church bulletin of Saint Mary Star of the Sea Parish, Ocean City, Md. "...we must all rally together to insure that those who work for us in government understand that WE, THEIR EMPLOYERS, will not allow this atrocity to go unchallenged"

May God have mercy on us!

Father Stanislao

Anonymous said...

BOOYAH!!! The separation of the sheeps and the goats is on it's way. If all the bishops and these various heads of Catholic institutions stick to their guns in this, the catholic renewal will indeed be able to sweep away the unfaithful catholics from our Church.

I do not crow about the suffering we may have to endure for our faithfulness, but I do crow that we are given this great grace by God to prove our love and loyalty to Him.


credocatholic said...

So glad to hear this. My husband works for Ave Maria, and that's where our insurance comes from. We are 100% behind this fight.

Blackrep said...

What will they do, throw someone in jail for this? Not at this point in the election cycle. Just. Don't. Comply.

The real suffering is being undergone by Catholics persecuted in the Muslim world. Once you realize that your fellow co-religionists are getting their heads chopped off and their houses burned down, a little non- compliance doesn't seem like a big deal, capiche?

Anonymous said...

Catholic vs American. Exactly why I could never vote for a "good" Catholic politician. Not loyal to the constution or american law.

Lynda said...

The ignorance of the anonymous commenting at 4.58 is striking - it is the proposed law that is unconstitutional, an attack on fundamental human rights that the Constitution recognises and upholds, as being necessary to the common good. It is for that common good, and in necessary conformity to the Natural Law and pre-existing human truths and rights that the State is created. The State is thus established, by the Constitution, for the good of the people, under God. Without this moral, philosophical framework, the State could do anything it pleased, once the right institutions passed the laws providing for it, following the prescribed procedure. But, no, the Constitution recognises the limits within which the State must operate, and any law which purports to breach those limits is invalid. When citizens oppose an invalid law, they are upholding the fundamental principles upon which the State depends for its own validity - they are, in fact, protecting the nation and the integrity of the State. In fact, citizens of the USA have a moral duty not to comply with unjust, arbitrary laws which are unconstitutional, against the common good, and which bring the State into disrepute.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Most recent anonymous: no, we have a history of not regarding the tribal fetishes or ancestor-worship of the societies we live among. Forgive us if we're not afraid of being carried off by the ghosts of the Founding Fathers.

The Constitution is a peace of paper written by a bunch of wood-toothed slave-owning Freemasons who actually thought a Hanoverian was a tyrant. Why should we be loyal to that, any more than we should bow down in worship to the warranty on our refrigerators?

Also, netiquette frowns on anonymous commenting. Just ask whoever's reading you this blog to sign a name, when they're done typing your comment for you.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Shit. Piece of paper. Damn homophones.

Blackrep said...

Wow. Intelligent AND classy.

Read the Constitution before you burn it. It's the only document that currently protects you from chaos.

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