"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Media Lies About Obama "Compromise" with Catholics

CNN reported yesterday that the Obama administration just announced they're willing to compromise with Catholics over the HHS mandate.

Great...except...it's a complete fabrication. And I mean a complete fabrication. Check out the report here:

What is actually being said by Carney and David Axelrod in published reports is that the administration is willing to "work with" Catholics. But what they mean by that is that they'll work with us to make us like the dirt they're sticking our noses into.

The term "work with" has likely been poll tested because it sounds like compromise but actually means that they can continue acting despotic. And the media is more than willing to tow the line here.

Don't believe the media.

Priests and bishops, please continue countering the lies of the administration and the media on this important issue. Please.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Always. All you need is the word "media" to know to automatically put "lies" afterwards. It always does.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud after seeing this.. I happen to work for a Washington advocacy group for an industry unpopular with the Obama adminsitration; anyway - The administration keeps saying publicly that they are "constructively working with" us; but as pointed out "working with" can also mean jamming it down your throat, which in my line of work is most often the case.

Wayne said...

Anybody else extremely upset by the numbers displayed on the screen saying that 52% of Catholic voters believe the administration should continue with this policy. (obviously, we have to remember that wording matters in surveys like this and when CNN can change the words of the the President's Chief of Staff and throw quotes around completely different words, there's no telling what words were actually used in the survey.) Not shocked, but disappointed to be sure if these numbers are accurate.

Anonymous said...

who are these Catholics being polled? were they asked if they at least attend mass on Sunday? were they asked if the adhere to the precepts of the Church? i can only imagine that those polled who say they agree with this are not living lives as faithful Catholics. just my opinion though.

Bill Meyer said...

Lies? I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!

And no mention, either, from good old CNN of the petition to rescind on the White House site, which needed 25,000 signatures by 27 Feb, and so far has received 27,165.

In any compromise between good and evil, evil always takes a victory. No compromise, not now, not ever.

Daniel F. Kane said...

We compromise religious liberty as much as the NYT or WaPo will compromise freedom of the press...or as much as your spouse will compromise on adultery. NOT.ONE.INCH.

Robert Pahlkotter said...

I've also got to wonder what compromise means in this context... What are they thinking will work... "Okay how about a 20% co-pay on abortifacient drugs"

What could people believe is an acceptable 'compromise' here.

Anonymous said...

Another "dog whistle" is when they say the GOP wants to cut funding for "the poor" which really means
eliminating the bloated bureaucracy- all those administrators, directors, assistant directors, deputy assistant directors etc. - the libs's natural constituency.

Michael Maedoc said...

The sad part of this report is that they dropped the numbers related to the argument that the majority of Catholics want contraception coverage. Of course, we can't expect them to understand this dynamic. Nor do they care to address the value and fundamental role of mediating institutions.

Carl said...


If someone is actively living outside the bounds of church doctrine they are by definition not a practicing catholic.

aramkr said...

And above all, Bishops, do not fall for any "compromise" whose consumation falls after the election.

Anonymous said...

And this is why I canceled my cable, turned off my TV forever and never listen to the media.

Archangel said...

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