"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Patrick said...


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Mary De Voe said...

Putting our patent applicationed inventions online for China does not help. Every word took the gall out of my body. Pray, pray, pray.

Anonymous said...

Profoundly depressing.

Anthony Fink said...

I mostly agree with their message, but hey're falling into the old media trap of over-hyping something to get someone's attention. It's nice, but they're exaggerating. They are trying to convince with fear, which is a bit like convincing someone to be your friend by beating them with an iron pipe.

Yes, it's clear that the elites want to make energy expensive. But perhaps, instead of sitting fearfully in a corner, listening to guys like this tell us that America will be destroyed, we should be thinking of new ideas to counter this problem. Using the enemy's weapons will only lead us to ruin.

Joseph Jablonski said...

It's cool, but morality in regards to environment requires a mean approach - one that respects the environments while not destroying economy. Can't go either way.

Sounds too much like Ayn Rand for my taste, but the points are good.

Alison said...

I think that it is a great video and the website is certainly worth checking out. This is one tool in many that Americans for Prosperity use. They are training adovocates to fight the good fight. Bravo!

Wine in the Water said...

It's a mixture of truth and untruth.

The free market isn't free; it's a slave to sin because it's participants are slaves to sin. Augustine's teaching about law restraining the evil man applies just as much to the evil men constitute some of the participants of the free market. But we are still burdened by too many regulations and some of the regulations that are appropriate are poorly crafted.

Energy isn't cheap. The US is simply subsidizing it in various ways. We still give tax breaks and subsidies to energy companies. Our foreign policy is unduly influenced by keeping cheep energy available. If not for oil, how much attention would we really be paying to the Middle East? There is an environmental cost to our choice of energy sources and the poor always suffer the worst of environmental impact. And our gluttonous use of energy is the exact same as deficit spending. We are splurging and using those resources up at an inordinate pace and saddling our children and grand-children with the consequences.

I'm unimpressed. The truth that's contained here can be found better expressed elsewhere, and meantime you have to wade through the untruth to find that truth.

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