"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Best Thing About The Ryan Pick You Haven't Heard

The pundit class is hard at work this morning, but with all the chitter and chatter I have yet to hear one pundit make this very important point.

Mitt Romney keeps the social conservatives on board and perhaps even enthuses them a bit by selecting about as solid a social conservative as he could possibly have picked and that naturally turns the media discussion to the ECONOMY!

He selected a 100% pro-life pro-family veep and all anyone can talk about is the economy. That, my friends, is called WINNING!


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Amy Giglio said...

I did read an article this morning from a WaPo blogger that gave a 10-item what you need to know list and that was #10.

TTC said...

You are so right. They are even on message. He's got a couple of whoopbutt zingers.

What do you think happened at the GOP Has to be a miracle!

EBL said...

Good point!

plemmen said...

Yep. Get the economy on track, make America industry friendly and watch the powerhouse that America has always had the capacity to be (and which the Germans and Japanese failed to take into account prior to WWII) crank up and begin producing 2 things in huge quantities: Jobs and marketable products. The freee market economy made America geat and can do so again.
I aspire to see every American with a luxury car in their garage, not a failed experiment in Marxism called the "Volt".

MattK said...

President Obama will get desperate if this gives Romney a bump in battle ground states. H Rod C will be VP at the DNC- book it. What say you?

Mary De Voe said...

MattK: "H Rod C will be VP at the DNC- book it." barry O. is not that stupid. Vince Foster, Whitewater, filegate....

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