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I Hate Republicans

Really, I hate Republicans.

Hate. Them.

James Pethokoukis at AEI writes about the gloom and negativity that pervades among establishment Republicans in Tampa.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has Mitt Romney up by a point over Barack Obama 47% to 46%. (46% is a truly horrible number for an incumbent.) But it is going to take more than a few narrow polls to change what I sense to be the widespread mood here that Romney is very narrowly losing, but the race remains winnable.

So it was with great interest that I listened to the thoughts a longtime, much-respected GOP operative, whom I will nickname the Gloomy Guru. Among GG’s observation:
– If Romney loses, there will be war in the GOP over immigration and how party is connecting — or, rather, not connecting — with Hispanic voters. Sticking Marco Rubio or some other profile Hispanic politician on the ticket is not enough. Very adamant about this.
These gloomy jackasses are the very same people who forced Mitt Romney on the conservatives in the first place with the mantra "He can Win! Its all about winning!"

And now these mealy mouthed cowards are already trying to set up conservatives for blame if their hand-selected winnable candidate loses.

I hate these people.

Stop it! Shut up! You are idiots!

You want to know how you get Hispanic voters? I will tell you. Govern like a principled conservative, be the party of liberty, life, and prosperity and Hispanics will see that it works and then they will vote for you!!! It is that simple.

These darn non-conservative establishment Republicans forced Romney on us and when we are finally getting on board, they are hedging their bets and pro-actively blaming conservatives if he loses.

I hate Republicans!!!!
*subhead*Stop it! Shut up! You are idiots!*subhead*

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Carlos Carrasco said...

Hablas la verdad, hermano!

Jay Anderson said...

The Establishment types did the same thing in 1996 and then again in 2008. They got their guy, and then when the voters decided that if they wanted a liberal they'd just vote for the Democrat, the Establishment types blamed conservatives for the uninspiring performance of their crappy candidate.

Why pro-lifers and conservatives continue to leash themselves to these people in the GOP is beyond me.

Paul said...

Wow, you sound so much like Ron Paul it's unreal. Do you realize that?

Paul said...

Not the hate part. Just the part where you use the terms "establishment Republicans," "non-conservative," "principled conservative," "liberty, life, and prosperity."

Patrick Archbold said...

"Wow, you sound so much like Ron Paul it's unreal."

But without the crazy.

Leave Dr. Boing Boing out of it!

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Pat, the Hispanics will go Demo, because guess what? Too many of them are illegels anyway, so it makes sense for them to vote for the Jackass party.

Gretchen said...

Me too!


A former Republican

Micah said...


-Another former Republican

Anonymous said...

How does this hate-filled invective help to win over more mushy moderates to conservative principles? We have a two party system and you work within the more conservative one to promote conservative principles. And you have to make coalitions to get the best you can in a less than perfect environment. And also, you seem to assume that anyone who is a "Republican" is by definition not conservative? That is just simply false. Ronald Reagan with his 11th commandment was more decent than the shrill "hate Republicans" crowd who may just cost us a chance to defeat Obama. And Ronald Reagan helped to promote and advance conservative principles, all while trying to work within and grow a coalition -- imagine that.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I don't hate the Republicans. I am one. I hate the Democrats. They support abortion, and want to make me pay for it. They support gay marriage, and want to force me to accept it. Their policies lead to disgrace and weakness abroad, and moral and economic degradation at home. They are the party of death and evil. I don't hate the self-serving incompetents of the GOP. I hate the evil embraced by the Democratic Party.

Bender said...

Hate Republicans? Then you'll love this quote from Mitt Romney yesterday, August 27, 2012, "I'm in favor of abortion being legal . . ."

Notice he did NOT say, "I'm not opposed to certain exceptions in cases of rape, etc."

An he did not say, "I'm willing to go along with certain exceptions in cases of rape, etc. as a temporary imperfect measure as we progressively work toward protecting all innocent human life."

Rather, Romney said, "I'm in favor of abortion being legal . . ."

Don't let people try to tell you that Romney is pro-life. He's not. He just doesn't get it. He doesn't get life issues and he doesn't really get the evil that is rape if his response is basically to say that a woman vicitimized by rape should become a murderer of her own child.

Romney might be anti-abortion in some cases, but that is bumper-sticker politics, not fundamental heart-felt principle.

Both him and Akin have shown themselves wholly incapable of coherently articulating the pro-life cause. Instead, they are hurting it.

Just what we need for convention week. Just when I think that maybe I'll go in after all given the stakes, Romney et al. push me back out.

Tracy in Trenton said...

"Notice he did NOT say, 'I'm not opposed to certain exceptions in cases of rape, etc.'"

That's almost word for word what he DID say, at the end of that convenient ellipsis. How could you link to the article and lie about its content in the next paragraph? Damned conservatives have to twist the truth to even attack their own party. Imbeciles, all of them.

Bender said...

That's almost word for word what he DID say, at the end of that convenient ellipsis. How could you link to the article and lie about its content in the next paragraph?

No, that's NOT "almost word for word" what he said. To paraphrase it like you would is what would be the lie. And before going on accusing people of twisting and lying, notice the inclusion of the link in the interest of accuracy so that people could read the full quote.

What Romney did say "word for word," if it really is necessary to include the whole thing is "I'm in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape," etc. In fact, what he said after the ellipsis is not relevant to the fact that he said "I'm in favor of abortion being legal" period.

There is a substantive and qualitative and moral difference between being (a) in favor of something on the one hand or (b) not opposed to exceptions on the other hand. One advocates for evil, the other merely tolerates it. Romney did NOT say merely that he was not opposed to a rape exception. He advocated for evil.

What Romney said was "I'M IN FAVOR OF ABORTION BEING LEGAL in the case of rape . . ." In other words, he said that he was pro-abortion in certain cases.

That is not a pro-life manner of speaking. Even for those willing to compromise in order to save a few, even if we cannot save them all, they would never ever say that they were "in favor of abortion being legal" for any reason.

And, by the way, the GOP is not my "own party." I am an imbecilic pro-lifer and a damned political conservative, in addition to being Catholic. I owe no allegience or fealty to any particular political club or team. I only owe allegience to principle and truth.

(I also owe allegience to love before respect. Love and truth in all things, just in case you wanted to drag Chris Christie into this.)

Tracy in Trenton said...

Maybe it's because I'm a godless heathen who loves killing babies, but I don't see the difference. If we moved the words around, and made it "In the case of rape, I'm in favor of abortion being legal," would that make it better? I suppose your argument is that his real goal should be to rid the world of rape and incest? Or maybe we should get rid of all the sick and old women who can't carry a baby to term? 

Also, I'm not sure where Christie came into this. I couldn't drag him anywhere; I don't own a tow truck. 

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