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Ugliest Political Ad Ever: Mitt Romney Killed My Wife

Not only did Mitt Romney kill this man's wife with cancer. He doesn't even care. Yup. That's truly what they're saying here.

How did Mitt kill this man's wife? Oh, well a few years after he left Bain Capital, they closed a plant and this guy lost his job and had no insurance and his wife died of cancer 22 days after getting diagnosed.

While this is terrible for this man and his family, I'm not sure what Mitt has to do with this woman's cancer. And if we follow this logic - every bad outcome from people losing their jobs can be blamed on those in charge then Obama would be responsible for many many plants closing, millions of jobs lost and maybe even some deaths. Yup. Obama's a murderer. And he doesn't even care.

HT Gateway Pundit

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Lynne said...

Romney left Bain to run the Olympics in 1999, the plant closed in 2002 and she died in 2006.

Amy Giglio said...

I think that, following that logic, Bill Clinton is ultimately responsible since he gave us NAFTA, which sent our manufacturing jobs to other countries. If there was no NAFTA, there would have been another plant for him to work in. Also, the Easter bunny is to blame for my cavities.

Fr. Frank said...

My optometrist has diagnosed me with low self-esteem.

This is President Obama's fault. Since I'm not a member of any identifiable oppressed minority I did not feel worthy of eyeglasses three and a half years ago when the President was elected. If I had felt loved by the President I would probably have gone to the optometrist sooner and he would have told me how wonderful I am.

But now? Because of President Obama I still feel very rejected, inferior, and unlovable. Oh, and I can't see, either.

Rick said...

The ad is a bloody lie

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