"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Gallup: 51% Romney - 45% Obama

The good news is that Romney is trouncing Obama right now. The bad news is that this election is about to get really nasty.

In two days of polling, Mitt Romney is up at 50% or over. In politics, that's the magic number. That means your opponent can't beat you with positive ads. That means your opponent has to take out the knives against you. And I think that's what we saw last night. Every answer Obama gave, he first gave his canned response and then went after Romney. And let's face it, he went after him hard. I'm not sure it was effective. But he did go after him.

And you have to love that he went after the 47% comment right at the end when he knew Romney couldn't respond. Expect the October nastiness to get even nastier. This is about to get very ugly.

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Amy Giglio said...

I feel bad for those of you in battleground states. I'm not going to see the half of it in NJ, since we're going Obama no matter what.

NickD said...

Amy, same for Texas only we're going Romney no matter what

EBL said...

Turns out Barack Obama is not so good on equal pay for equal work for women. A bit of post debate fact checking not panning out for Obama.

Paul Zummo said...

Amy: It's even worse for those of us not in battleground states who live near battleground states. So we get all the ads but we can't even look forward to having our votes truly impact the election.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but statistically 50% of those reading this are not going to vote in November. They just talk.

In July I voted in an important Republican runoff election -- it was a lonely experience.

-- Mack in Texas

EBL said...

There is a reason Mitt Romney did so well on these issues... Voters are on to Barack Obama' act.

Anonymous said...

The real bad news is that the next set of polls will inevitably show Obama pulling back to even or possibly ahead, and then the voter fraud will help to secure Obama's re-election.

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