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Romney Killed It

Holy smokes. I can't believe what I saw. And it was strange because as I'm watching it I'm thinking that Mitt was killing it. But then I wondered if maybe I'm just in the tank for Romney or something and I had lost any sense of reality. Romney was prepared. Like crazy prepared.

Romney outed Obama as ill prepared. So after the debate my brothers and I were all texting each other things like "He won going away, right" and "Was that even close?"

And now even the media is saying Romney won. Believe me in the next few days the media will savage Romney. Bad. But reality was so clear that they couldn't lie about it. Even James Carville said Romney won. The CBS insta-poll said Romney crushed Obama in the debate. Hilariously, the anchor essentially apologized for the small sample and said it wasn't very scientific or anything. In that poll, 46 percent said Romney won. 22 percent said Obama. That's double folks.

Frank Luntz's focus group was even more startling. I think it was like 22-3 who said Romney won. And 15 of the people in the panel had voted for Obama last time.

I loved the line from Romney about where our rights come from. He made it plain that our rights come from "Our Creator." Obama constantly drops that part.

I thought Lehrer wasn't too bad to be honest but I can't believe we didn't get to any questions about religious liberty. But Romney did give a shout-out about it.

Update: CNN poll says 67-25 percent that Romney won. Wow. I'm afraid to put on MSNBC for fear of seeing some kind of breakdown.

Update2: Oh my. I just saw this from MSNBC. Chris Matthews is absolutely losing it. Someone should take away Matthews belt and shoelaces.

I'll put more up about this but I'm pretty excited.


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Terry Nelson said...

Romney definitely nailed it - I think he even made Obama look and feel uncomfortable, out of his league.

Adrienne said...

It was an amazing performance by Romney. I knew after the first question that Obama was going to get creamed - and he did.

Romney has was Obama can only dream about - discipline!

whart said...

Romney knocked it out of the park - it was his after the first 10 minutes. Obama looked down like a pouting teenager getting a lecture from his father. Romney/Ryan 2012!

Dino said...

Thank you for the CM video... his desperation is very telling.

Fr. Andrew said...

Does the MSM even realize that THEY are the ones who failed Obama? That was Maddow's last comment, but it was incomplete. The only people Obama has debated are the media? No, that's just it, MSM hasn't debated or challenged him on ANYTHING in four years. Romney just challenged him for 90 minutes. From a debate perspective, I'm curious to see how Obama will respond...

It will also be interesting to see how Romney responds to success.

EBL said...

Romney won big time.

Fr Bill Peckman said...

Jim Lehrer allowed an actual debate to happen and had the wisdom not to do the norm and contain the debate and coddle a favorite. Without that cover, the president had to stand on his own and it was not a pretty sight. Romney came in prepared. Obama did not...at all. He looked sullen, distracted, bored, and lost. MSNBC's plug that the president should watch them was beyond the pale.

Colleen said...
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Rick said...

The debate worked out so well because Obama cannot lie as he faces an immediate, clear and convincing repudiation when he tries. Romney contrasted the positions in Obama's face with the world watching and the Liberal media helpless; they cannot spin it. It was out there in the open. The truth prevailed. Millions of prayers have been answered last night. I wonder why the GOP did not choose Romney in 2008.

And it was fun to watch the Liberal media meltdown. I wonder if they'll soil their pants after Ryan and Biden's debate.

Bottom line, Obama is toast. (Is that racist - toast.) Let's hope he accepts his fate gracefully and not do something stupid. Barring violence, the writing is on the wall. We will have President Romney this November - someone who knows what to do because he's done something similar before.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Poor old Chris was indeed channeling his inner Joe Biden, but 'ware the optimism: half of the American electorate did not vote in the last presidential election, and won't vote in this one. That someone is cheering on Governor Romney doesn't mean that the cheerer is going to vote.

elm said...

How did the president prepare? Swiiiish, swiiish, bogey. Is that a mulligan? Where's my number 9 club?

Miriam said...

That video is worth saving and watching in a low moment! I am looking forward to the VP debate even more now. Let's see what gems Biden comes up with for an hour with no assistance against Ryan! I will be popping popcorn for the event.

Kathy said...

Listen to those crazy MSNBC people!! Their guy took a dive and they are stunned! of course, CM has to say that Romney did great even though his 'words were all wrong."

Susan L said...

The question is: will they broadcast the VP debate? I mean, the media already knows how Biden is.

Now the major damage control. The media repeating over and over that Romney lied. It ain't over yet, folks.

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