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The Comeback Kid

There are two things I take as a given.

One. Romney's massacre of Obama was so complete and so surprising that even most of the media didn't even try to spin it. They were unprepared for it. It was so shocking and devastating that the most that the media can criticize Romney for is not providing the President with a safety word in advance. Wow.

Two. Obama and the media will not be surprised next time. They will be better prepared with retorts and canned criticisms. In the next debate, Obama can start crying and curl up in the fetal position and the media will find a way to declare him the winner, the comeback kid, and all the rest. No matter what.

One would have to assume that the next debate will be closer than this one, I mean it has to be, it is hard to throw two perfect games in a row. Last night proved the axiom, if its not even close they cannot cheat.

Next time it will be closer and they will cheat.

But in the meantime, the Secret Service has changed POTUS' codename from "renegade" to "pig tails." Seriously, after that Romney should have made Obama hold his out-turned pocket as he walked him around the yard.

*subhead*Next time.*subhead*

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Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

NBC is in full denial this morning...

elm said...

I think all that was on the o's mind was I'm taking my marbles and going home. Would not be surprised that if in two weeks he has a severe case of the trots and can't make it to the debate. Either that or he'll use the excuse he forgot to put the date on his calendar. This is what happens when you always talk to the teleprompter and not real people. He couldn't even make eye contact with Romney. BooHOO.

elm said...

The alphabet stations will just say, "Move along, there's nothing to see here." Thinking the leader needs a new set of batteries.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

He's helpless and hopeless without his teleprompter! Bwahahahaha!

Trubador said...

The next debate is Ryan/Biden.

The one after that is town hall format. Again, no teleprompter.

The last debate is on foreign policy. The Obama administration thought this would work in their favor as the "economy" debate would be first, and foreign policy (I killed OBL, and I have experience in this dept and Romney doesn't) would be his distracting supposed strong suit right before the election.

And then Benghazi happened…

And Univision's thorough and devastating expose on Fast & Furious on spanish-language TV…


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