"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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America Finally Winning Its War on Babies

America is finally winning its war on babies. And victory may finally be at hand.

If one looks at America's actions since the Supreme Court declared war on babies about 40 years ago it's apparent that this country sees babies as the biggest threat to the country and the world. And while there have been some major successes in the fetal resistance movement such as 50 million babies consigned to medical waste status, they continue occupying wombs and entering into America unbidden and unwanted.

In recent years, the United Nations even escalated the war on babies by declaring the inability to take a human life as a human rights violation. But still babies came. One UN official called babies "predators" and said "if they're so viable tell them to go live somewhere else."

He insisted he's "not against babies per se, it's just that they're in occupied territory."

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fxr2 said...

Hey where did you get a picture of chris christie as a kid?

fxr2 said...
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Anthony S. Layne said...

Brilliant, sir, absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD!!

Anonymous said...

funny, but too sad really. cute baby.

Anonymous said...

I understand your concern here, but perhaps you are overthinking this a bit when the explanation is more simple. The fact is, and always has been, that birth rates drop when the economy is bad, and pick up when the economy picks up.

The postwar Baby Boom was made possible by an ECONOMIC boom that occurred after years of depression, war and austerity that drove birth rates way down. Birth rates also went up during the "echo boom" of the 80s and 90s, partly because of Baby Boomers themselves having kids, but also because the economy was performing better after the doldrums of the '70s.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or demographer to figure out that people are going to be reluctant to have babies when they DON'T HAVE JOBS to support them with, or aren't sure they will a few months or years down the road. If the economy picks up and they feel more secure, they may change their minds. If people are constantly being hammered with how terrible their economic and social future is going to be, can you really blame them for not wanting to bring helpless babies into it? No dark conspiracy or "war on babies" need be in play... just normal, risk adverse human nature.


Lynda said...

Talk about not addressing the issue, Elaine! This article is about the evil killing of babies in an organised, legally-facilitated, industrial-scale way.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, I know what the article is about, but I disagree with its assertion that the low birth rate in 2011 constitutes "proof" that "America is winning the war on babies". And in case you were wondering, no, I'm not endorsing abortion or even contraception for economic reasons -- just pointing out that the prospect of having a baby is not quite as exciting or wonderful when you aren't sure how you're going to support him or her.

A drop in birth rates during a recession/depression economic cycle does NOT, in and of itself, prove that the "war on babies" has been decisively "won" by the anti-life forces. The real test will be what happens when the economy improves -- will people who had wanted to have children but waited until they were better off financially do so, and drive birth rates up again; or will they just give up on the idea completely?


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