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Baby Feared Dead, Born Alive!

Doctors told a mother her unborn baby was dead but was shortly after, the baby was born alive.

Hey folks, doctors don't always know everything. Doctors sometimes tell moms that their kids have a terrible abnormality or that they won't survive birth or even that the child is dead.

But they don't know everything. How many times have we heard stories about children being born who were supposed to die? The family in this video really seem to be thankful for this baby that was born on Thanksgiving. And the baby's adorable.

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Lynda said...

It is very common for maternity hospitals not to be able to detect heartbeat, etc., with their machinery, in the first couple of months, and rather than wait to be certain, immediately send the mother to have a D & C killing a living baby in the process. I knew a great pro-life physician in General Practice. Many couples would come to her after having been told their child was dead, and that mother should take pills to induce labour or have a D and C. These mothers didn't believe their children were dead, and in many, many cases, they weren't, and were saved. If they hadn't gone to this very good doctor but did as the hospitals told them, their child would have been killed - by the hospital. To be ethical, there should be no D & C , etc. until they are certain the baby is dead.

Margaret said...

My OB is quite meticulous about those cases, Lynda. We've always done an u/s, waited a week, then sounded again. If there's still no heartbeat, *and* no change in the baby's size, sadly, it's definitive.

Deirdre Mundy said...

My grandmother was told that her child was dead and that she'd just have to wait to pass the baby. She waited, and waited, and was told her body had probably reabsorbed the baby. Then she felt him kicking one day. If she'd gone to a more aggressive doctor, my uncle would never have been born.

Anonymous said...

We once were scheduled in with a 'genetic counselor'. I didn't want to do this but our insurance decided it was mandatory. The counselor in question had little to no understanding of statistical significance. It was terrifying how poorly she understood our 'chances' of our baby having this or that problem. The same happened to a friend who was actually an MD. We wrote letter after letter to the hospital where they worked. I still wonder how many people she may have frightened into having abortions by her misunderstanding of data. I fear this is all too common.

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