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I don't know what's more shocking in this story - that a 34 year old balloon artist built an inflatable replica of Bag End, the home of the character Bilbo Baggins from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Or that a balloon artist doesn't live at home with his Mom.

I'll admit, I'm excited for the movie but I'm not this committed. Or committable?

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susan said...

this should be the picture in the dictionary under "pathetic".

WTH is a 'balloon artist'? And do you think for one second he's not a big part of the 47%?

"If you want to be an artist or a musician or whatever... you can leave your job. You don't have to be job locked, because you will still have healthcare." ~ Nancy Pelosi (D) California
...and food stamps, and energy credits, and rent assistance, and, and, and....

yeeeeahhhhhh.....good times.

Kim Luisi said...

Pretty cool. And pretty smart. He can use this picture as a means of drumming up business for himself. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty amazing. He built a balloon chair you can sit in for heaven's sake!

Anonymous said...

As to WTH is a balloon artist, ha! ha! But actually I worked at a restaurant years ago that was a really festive atmosphere for both families with small children and adults as well. We had two "balloon guys" who would make these elaborate hats for the table or just the birthday person. They didn't charge for the hats and the resteraunt only paid for their supplies. These guys made as much if not more than I did in tips and I was a bartender, plus it was also one my highest paid bartending jobs, so they very well could live outside of their mom's basement. The icing on the cake, the two guys were devout Catholics, one eventually became a priest. So don't knock "balloon guys" But I'll have no problem agreeing with this being a bit much...

priest's wife said...

just lovely- if you read the credits, his wife composed the music for the video- a nice family project

Anonymous said...

I found a discarded paperback of THE HOBBIT while in Viet-Nam; good ol' Bilbo kept me sane.

- Mack

fr. Dismas, OP said...

I am impressed... and disturbed.

Did anyone else think, "Release the cats!"?

Sarah L said...

Love the comment by Fr. Dismas, OP.
Cue the slow-motion, "NNNNO-O-O-O-O-O-OOOO!!!"
It sounds a teensy bit sadistic, but it'd probably be more fun to watch than a time-lapse video on the balloons slowly deflating on their own.

Wayne said...

Okay, so I must be the only one who saw the picture before reading anything and said, "Why did that guy build a living room out of sausage?"

Balloons is a lot easier to stomach. :)

Anonymous said...

Hah! Why does Bilbo have so many hot dogs?

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