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Half Man on Hit Show is Now a Real Man

The character referred to as 1/2 in Two and a Half Men is growing up. And he's telling people the show is "filth" and people should turn it off.

So let me get this right. This kid grew up watching Charlie Sheen?

This is a nice departure from most stories detailing child stars growing up. Normally, the media will say a child star has grown up when Disney stars pose for Playboy for the first time or a Nickelodeon celebrity gets his first DUI.

Something tells me the 19 year old will be vilified by the same industry that trips over itself to cash in on the car wreck that Charlie Sheen became last year.

Something tells me he'll soon be relegated to Hallmark movies and Kirk Cameron status by the industry. But here's the thing, I'd bet Kirk Cameron is heckuva' lot happier and more fulfilled than 99% of other former child stars.

Fox News reports:
Angus T. Jones, who has played the role of Jake Harper on the hit CBS show since 2003 and reportedly earns $350,000 an episode, is featured in a new video for the Forerunner Christian Church, in which he calls the sitcom “filth” that contradicts his devout Christian values.

That’s not all. The 19-year-old actor even urges fans to stop watching.

"I'm on 'Two and a Half Men' and I don't want to be on it,” he said. "If you watch 'Two and a Half Men,' please stop watching it and filling your head with filth. People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch."

Jones goes on to express guilt that his profession may be inflicting serious damage on its audience.

"If I am doing any harm, I don't want to be here. I don't want to be contributing to the enemy's plan ... You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can't,” he continued. “I'm not OK with what I'm learning, what the Bible says and being on that television show."

Forerunner Chronicles, the Alabama-based Church, which conducted the interview, was not immediately available for further comment.

Parents Television Council President Tim Winter welcomed the star's criticism of the show.

"If indeed Angus T. Jones meant what he purportedly said, and that this is not just a publicity stunt ... then his comments are welcomed, and we urge viewers to heed his call," Winter told FoxNews.com. "We urge Mr. Jones to work from within the entertainment industry and raise standards to improve television content for the benefit of all Americans."

Jones is reportedly also an attendee of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, and in recent months has been guided by Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Bible School workers in his quest to understand Jesus better.

“I have always gone to a Christian school since I was in kindergarten, but my faith was basically non-existent… School started to take a back seat more and more through high school. Two or three years ago my parents started have marital issues and started to go through the process of getting a divorce. At the time I also started dating this girl and when I look back now I see that as a time when the enemy was trying to push me in that direction, but God knew he was going to pull me out at the last second,” Jones told the Adventist Media Center on his 19th birthday in October, before delving into his dangerous desire to “run away” from the problems at home and delve into drugs -- although he insists that God protected him from drinking and that he remains a virgin.

“Right when I said what if everything we are doing is not what is supposed to happen, and right then this cleansing phenomenon and presence came into me… I felt like I had just accepted God.”

Jones also addresses the internal conflict associated with his role on “Two and a Half Men.”

“My television show has nothing to do with God and doesn’t want anything to do with God, so it is a strange position I am put in,” he said. “I am under contract for another year so it is not too much of a decision on my part. I know God has me there for a reason for another year.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/11/26/star-two-and-half-men-angus-t-jones-urges-fans-to-stop-watching-calls-show/#ixzz2DNn8ilsi
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djalk said...

If he feels so strongly to make a public statement, why does he continue to do the show. Is the show that bad, but he needs the money?

Midday said...

Apparently because he is under contract:
"'My television show has nothing to do with God and doesn’t want anything to do with God, so it is a strange position I am put in,” he said. “I am under contract for another year so it is not too much of a decision on my part. I know God has me there for a reason for another year.' "

Ron Van Wegen said...

If what he's doing is immoral he is "under contract" to God first.

Jason said...

I pray that he continues to move in the right direction - right now he's finding his place in the vehemently anti-Catholic Seventh-Day Adventist community. Still, he's being called to find the truth and I'm glad he's taking a stand!

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

God bless this young man! Maybe the show will fire him! That would be a blessing not so disguised!

Ellyn said...

I always felt so sorry for that adorable boy trapped in that wretched show - I'm so happy he's seeking the Lord.

BTW, I always thought the show's title was a bit of a joke - with Charlie Sheen's character actually being the 'half-man'.

KCKim said...

I don't care about his contract. If he feels that strongly about the immorality of the show, then he should quit. I think that would make a bigger statement than anything he could preach on the set but off-camera.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

KCKim, you are too judgmental. Has it occurred to you he's trying to get out of the contract by speaking out against the show?

Wine in the Water said...

I think it's judgmental to condemn him for not leaving the show. What he has said can be seen as "a step toward morality."

But at the same time, I'm not going to take him all that seriously if he isn't willing to put his money where his mouth is.

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