"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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I Am No Conspiracy Nut, But C'mon!

I am no conspiracy nut. No sir, not me. But I mean really? C'mon!!

3 days after the election and a week before he is to testify before Congress on Benghazi and the CIA head resigns over scandal? And now he will not be testifying!

You have to be kidding me. Don't get me wrong, I am sure he did it and was not set up. But the timing of this stinks to high heaven!!

Are we to believe that this information just happened to come to light at the absolutely most convenient time as to not impact the election and to prevent him from testifying now and ultimately discrediting him as well.

Do they think they can get away with stuff like this? Oh yeah, they can.


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Kathy said...

This is way too incredible and convenient! Let's see how this plays out. Hopefully to an impeachment.

Jonathan said...

Can we stonewall Congress? Yes, we can!

philomena said...

Pray the Memorare for our country.

If you're looking for something to read that will take your mind off this current disaster, check out the outstanding literature of Michael D. O'Brien.

Casey Klahn said...

Obviously, the general is embarrassed, and it begs the question why this is disclosed now.

On Benghazi, it is open and shut to anyone with a military background. Who can authorize the defense in Libya? Only the President. We need look nowhere else. If true that nothing could have been done, this is a strategic failure, and this also indicts the president.

There is a log kept in the situation room. Do I need to spell that out?

I understand that the command in Africa also could have called off the military response to the Benghazi attack. He is retiring; announced since Sept. 11th. Move along; nothing to see here.

Sophia's Favorite said...

RE: Michael D. O'Brien, while everyone I know says good things about his Father Elijah books, his "A Landscape with Dragons" reveals him to be a paranoid conspiracy-theorist of the Pat Pulling type.

Just a caveat, dude's apparently bonkers. But again, apparently his actual fiction ain't bad.

Blackrep said...

Thank you, American voter, for your encore fail. Cue the administration clowns to jump in and out of the tiny car.

Anything shiny, sparkly, swirly thing that attracts the media slack-jaws to the Benghazi story is fine with me. It's just sad that a good woman has to pay for the publicity.

It's also a damn shame that I have to wear my tin foil hat for another four years.

Matthew Roth said...

Well...if our POTUS actually had a pair, he would a) recall the general to active duty, for an Article 32, looking into whether he should stand court-martial for adultery or b) knock him to major-general and cut his retirement pay. AND the POTUS would own up to the fact that we were not listening and not preparing for what panned out in Libya (which was feared by the ambassador). Oh and the general would be forced to obey the law, and be held accountable to Congress.

Joseph said...

"Do they think they can get away with stuff like this? Oh yeah, they can."

Yep, the fix is in, because The One knows that we have a lap dog, rather than a watchdog, media.

Gail Finke said...

Sophia's Favorite: Thanks for that note about O'Brien's book on children's literature -- I haven't read it because I suspected as much. I've read a few novels of his that I really enjoyed. But the synopses I've read of "A Landscape with Dragons" have sounded nutty. Nice to hear it confirmed.

Anneg said...

Gen Petraeus still can be subpoenaed to testify and compelled to do so. And probably will be. Whether the magnititude of the scandal ever is noticed is another thing.

susan said...

and since WHEN is adultery a dischargable offense in a democrat administration???

Bill Clinton??? Teddy Kennedy??? et. al.

Heck it's generally a big resume enhancer for them!

Fishy doesn't BEGIN it describe this....and you're right, they'll get away with it all....all.

Sophia's Favorite said...

@susan: If he is still a commissioned officer (he's not on active duty but I don't think he's retired or resigned his commission), then it may come under "conduct unbecoming".

Of course, just because the military fires him doesn't mean he can't testify, so, yeah, something here smells funny.

Paige Kellerman said...

Agreed. That's exactly what I thought when I heard it. To convenient. Or perhaps when you see a storm's coming, you jump ship?

NancyP said...

He did retire, to become the Director of the CIA. And, yes, he can be subpoenaed.

Anonymous said...

Affair seems to have occurred while he was still in the military.
That would allow for a court marshal, since the military services consider adultery as a crime!
Also, why is the left so quite about this? They hate this man, why are they not dancing & cheering.
This man spends his career serving our country, he also served in an institution they Adultery would land him in big trouble & only would get worse the higher rant earned.
The journalist writing his Bio seems to be the other in this mess; is married herself.
Question is why was Petraeus given the job at CIA? Was it to keep his career from being ruin? Or was it an ACE that could be played perfectly?
I know America is being played...

not a relative of Michael O'Brien said...

It's understandable that people will call Michael O'Brien paranoid and bonkers. He questions things you want to be able to consume without question, particularly modern culture. I've been told to "lighten up" about the BBC Game of Thrones. "So what if there's a little sex? It has moral qualities". Try reading O'Brien and think about what he says, rather than reading synopses by those who want to fit into the world.

marketer said...

I read a few of Michael O'Brien's books, along with the Landscape with Dragons, and I found the put insight and appreciated the questions he raised. It also got me to do my own 'reading' and 'researching' on trends in children's and teen literature, and the picture that unfolded was not a happy one.

marketer said...

"the put" meant to read "they offered"

Anonymous said...

If the FBI and CIA would had spent less time reading each other's love letters and more time doing their job, perhaps 9/11, the terrorist attack by a Moslem on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood, and the terrorist attack on our legation at Benghazi could have been avoided.

- Mack

Anonymous said...

Or, as a more careful writer would say, "If the FBI and CIA had spent..."

Apologies for my clumsiness.

- Mack

Sarah L said...

I've read a few of Michael D. O'Brien's books and his _Landscape with Dragons_. I found the latter to be helpful, and, just like marketer, it got me to do my own investigating into some of the "children's" books that so many book reviewers (even Catholic or at least Christian ones) consider "harmless." I've read the Harry Potter books, and I don't want my kids reading them. I won't have them in my house, and if they do decide to read them sommeday, I want to first get them in the habit of discussing what they read with me or with their dad.
I won't subject myself or anyone in my family to the Twilight series, though; it's pure garbage and has no place in a Catholic family library.
Michael D O'Brien isn't a conspiracy nut. He's a thoughtful reader and writer who happens to think about what he reads and consider the impact of a particular message on young souls. God bless him for it!

Anonymous said...

If you have a top secret clearance, if you have access to classified data, whether you're military or civilian, you need to have a very thorough background check. Adulterous affairs are something for which you could be blackmailed. Thus, you lose your clearance if you have engaged in such behavior.

Yes, it is a shame that politicians are sometimes privy to classified information. I don't know how the government keeps track of their questionable ability to access classified info.


Anonymous said...

Kind of like social justice issues, "Landscape with Dragons" is something which Catholics of good conscience can disagree. While I enjoy O'Brien's fiction, I think those who have read his own words (not just reviews) can see that he's a bit extreme when it comes to some things.

GK Chesterton is a much nicer read on literary criticism, children's imagination, fairy tales, etc.


Sarah L said...

While I certainly wouldn't consider Michael D. O'Brien an extremist, I will readily agree that GK Chesterton's writings are far more enjoyable. :)

Siobhan said...

Trey Gowdy was on Greta van Susteren's show last night, and he said that Patreaus will testify. He said he hoped that a subpoena would not be necessary, but that if it is, so be it, the General is not off the hook. He was very clear that Benghazi is not going away.

Trey Gowdy is my new hero :-)!!

Foxfier said...

But the synopses I've read of "A Landscape with Dragons" have sounded nutty. Nice to hear it confirmed.

If you've followed the "Pope hates Harry Potter" argument, you've got the basic idea.

Suggest listening to G. K. Chesterton instead, as a couple of others have suggested.

MC in CO said...

I suspect that GEN Petraeus will be subpoenaed. Ironically, he may be the only person called who will be free to speak the truth, even in the face of whatever mud the MSM will sling his way - and I'm wondering if he resigned in order to gain that freedom.

Ann said...

I have read much of Michael O'Brien's fiction and I am seeing things he wrote come true in the years since I first read them. The Plague Journal is dead on about the suppression of news and fact by the media as well as the use of drones against a country's own people, and the "state" thinking it knows what is best for our children. In fact, I believe that Michael O'Brien is a prophet for our times.

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