Yet it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured, while we thought of him as stricken, as one smitten by God and afflicted.

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Ranting Catholic Mom said...

I don't tweet, but...
I woke up at 3 this morning to two dogs' worth of poop in my bedroom. I calmly cleaned and let the dogs out. I think this is a metaphor for what we need the results to be from this election day!

Anonymous said...

What I anticipated all along is happening. Obama is going to be re-elected, and he's one of the worst presidents in American history. This is what happens when the GOP establishment continues to put up lame candidates and the lemmings all sell out and eat the vomit they're fed by the establishment by voting for the nominee no matter who it is. Congratulations. Thanks to this, now we can all look forward to the next awful GOP candidate in 2016. And good luck to the country getting through the next 4 years considering the Dems are maintaining control of the Senate.

This country is done, and I'm giving up on us. We're going down, and now I just hope it happens as fast as possible.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Romney's not getting the turnout he needed. With Penn and Wisc easily going to Obama, he also wins Ohio and thus wins the election. As we see from the Bible, God let's us have what we want, and most of us want a party that protects the lifestyle of the sexual revolution. The country is going to pot, but at least the Church is moving in the right direction, and that's more important!
Scott W

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can look forward to the next GOP establishment loser losing to Hillary in 2016. But that won't stop neocons and lemmings shilling for him/her up to the election like they always do. I hope this collapse happens extremely fast. This country has degenerated into garbage.

Lynda said...

How many votes did the Catholic Church hand to President Obama whose platforms includes several of the most barbaric intrinsic evils? If Catholics were getting the Truth from their leaders, the vast majority of Catholics would not vote for him.

Jason Fairfield said...

A quote from "A Man for All Seasons" comes to mind:

God made the angels to show him splendour. As he made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity.
But Man he made to serve him wittily, in the tangle of his mind.

If He suffers us to come to such a case that there is no escaping then we may stand to our tackle as best we can. And yes, Meg, then we can clamour like champions, if we have the spittle for it.

But it's God's part, not our own, to bring ourselves to such a pass. Our natural business lies in escaping.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama and the Dems should add another $15 or even $50 trillion to the national debt over the next 4 years so we collapse as fast as possible. And by the way, so-called "conservative" pundits have completely blown all credibility with this election given that not only did their hopes not pan out, but Obama and the Dems did BETTER than expected. As opposed to losing the Senate, the Dems actually made gains. I'm not listening to any so-called "conservative" pundits or bloggers ever again with their garbage optimism. They may as well be full-blown liberals with that kind of emotional mindset based on just hollow false hope.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not lame candidates from the GOP. There doesn't seem to be any candidate that can come up against the party of death. Women have sold their souls for a $9.99/month prescription. Latinos have sold their souls for work permits. Black people are meant to be socially conservative, but they cannot seem to see how the Dems are keeping them on the plantation and they keep voting according to skin color. I cannot even begin to explain what is wrong with so many lame-brained Catholics, except to point out the fruits of everything that has gone wrong with catechesis and wishy-washy clergy for the last half-century.

So it goes. The faithful Church shrinks. But, He makes all things new. No matter how this ends tonight, the Church will triumph!!


Anonymous said...

America truly is become the whore of Babylon. It won't end well for us now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that America voted for him AGAIN--given what is now public knowledge--says everything you need to know about the future of our country. The Church is our true home anyway, and we need to put all our efforts into continuing the housekeeping. Just think of how many of our priests and bishops are delighted/relieved that Obama won. Gross.

Anonymous said...

"No matter how this ends tonight, the Church will triumph!!"

I hope that apocalypse comes sooner rather than later. This degenerative world is almost intolerable.

Anonymous said...

No offense to this blogger, but I find some of your recent comments irritating. For example, " Wow. Another moderate Republican lost. Shocked. Next time we should nominate someone even more moderate!!"

It doesn't help that the masses, yourself included, always end up supporting the GOP's pick in the end no matter who it is. That is precisely why the establishment continues to put up these awful candidates - because they know they can always take all these votes for granted no matter how disappointed republicans are with the nominees. And that's precisely why they'll nominate another awful candidate in 2016. And as for your comment, "Chris Christie, I hope you are happy," I know full well that you will support Christie in 2016 if he is the nominee (and he likely will be), which proves my point.

I don't say this to be disrespectful, but to point out what I see as one of the main problems with the functioning of the GOP and GOP voters.

Anonymous said...

Of course catholics "have learned nothing", because many don't think they have anything to fear. They don't back the church on contraception, fornication, gay marriage, etc. They aren't at risk of being marginalized or persecuted because they wouldn't stand up for the church anyway. They also don't fear hell or the wiles of demons because they don't believe in those either.

Subvet said...

To hell with recriminations, blame and all other exercises in self pity. It's time to roll up our sleeves and really get to work. God's will be done.

Mike in CT said...

Agreed, Subvet. Done is done. New day, new work.

Anonymous said...

GOP voters and hockey fans are the same species, sadly. People who are demographically losing out who cling against reason as their entities shrivel up and die

The only way that hockey grows is becoming more inclusive of all people and less backward looking with their style of play. The only way the GOP grows is to double down on social conservatism, with men and women who can articulate why it is right to more people.

African-Americans and Latinos can be brought in the fray in innumerable amounts on pro-life and pro-traditional marriage stances, as well as a responsible approach to foreign policy, and sensible tax and spend policies.

Hard-right appeals to Randian objectivist libertarianism and a worship of Big Business will do nothing but keep the Republicans as much of a rump party as they were during the Rockefeller days of the 60s and 70s.

the mysterious said...

I have to laugh when people say, "the world is coming to and end" nonsense. I said that because it's just silly. It is not the end times. Not yet anyway. The Church will become only stronger as a result of this. After all, She has survived the persecutions of the Roman Empire, Napoleon, the Nazis, the Soviet Union and so on. Fear is useless.

The biggest mistake the pro-life movement ever did was align itself with a political party. God doesn't need politics to end abortion. We need to pray that God's will be done and not man's.

P.S. the Gospels call us to engage. I'm so sick of people being prophets of gloom and doom. Here's a hint to them, YOU'RE NOT HELPING!

the mysterious said...

btw, the rediculous idea that we will hit by that asteroid is far and remote. I think we just need to be prepared.

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