"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Science Acts as Killjoy!

Stupid science. Even if it's true they don't need to publicize it. Even if it's a myth, it's a great myth that's brought joy to many.

The Daily Mail reports:

Pregnant women who are keen to jump-start their contractions have long relied on traditional remedies from eating hot curries to having sex.

But now scientists have some disappointing news for couples - making love doesn't bring on labour.
Let's all ignore this stupid science. We'll say it wasn't a large enough sample. We'll say whatever it takes. All I'm saying is I'm not telling my wife.


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Mike in CT said...

"All I'm saying is I'm not telling my wife."

And maybe she wouldn't care if you did tell her?

Unknown said...

My friend with 6 kids claimed her husband always went to the hospital with a smile on his face.

W. Clanton said...

My mum, an English nurse and state certified midwife who with a friend took a job in Northern Canada after WWII, told me that when a woman arrived at the hospital frustrated by a long overdue baby, they would recommend the husband take his wife for a drive in their truck. The roads in the late 1940s and early '50s were unpaved, deeply washboarded logging and mining roads. Mum figures it took on average about a five minute drive in one direction to induce labour.

Jeffrey Stuart said...

Like a scientist would know.

Cui Pertinebit said...

I'm hoping we're all joking... we do know that the same teaching that informs us of the immorality and danger of contraception, also tells us that we should not sleep with our wives when pregnant... right? We are not supposed to lie with our wives until she is "churched" after childbirth.

Brendan Doyle said...

Em, there is no such Church teaching. Of course you can have sex while pregnant.

Sand Mama said...

Women are churched after birth and it just so happens that its medically (six weeks or so...) a reasonable time to resume marital relations. Once again, our Holy Mother knows what's good for us long before we do...It would be nice to see this ritual re-introduced.

Dymphna said...

Granny said that a large dose of castor oil worked great for starting labor. Old wives know a few things.

freddy said...

The "churching" of women has nothing to do with marital relations. There was no set time for the ritual to take place; it happened when the mother was able to come to church again after childbirth. It is an act of thanksgiving of a new mother for her safe delivery of her child.

I agree that it is a lovely custom and I think it could be revived if mothers would ask and priests were willing to do this.

Whimsy said...

Castor oil induces such strong diarrhea contractions in the intestines that it causes the uterine muscles to contract. BAD ADVICE.

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