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Again, Father Jenkins Must Go.

Wow. What a bad week for tradition.

We started of the week with news that a gay wedding had been performed in the Chapel at West Point. Out with the Long Gray Line, in with the Short Gay One.

But as troubling and disappointing as that news may have been, the news out of Notre Dame is infinitely more troubling. Whereas West Point, even with its long and proud traditions, is still a secular institution. It can be expected that to some degree it is subject to the same moral malaise and preening putrefaction as the rest of the culture of which it is a part.

The news that the preeminent Catholic University in the land, a school dedicated and named after Our Lady, has recognized a GLBTQ group. A group dedicated to the support and nurturing and gaining acceptance for those who are out and proud with their sin.

This is not ...

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*subhead*The wages of sin are death.*subhead*

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Jay Anderson said...

But ... but ... but Notre Dame is playing for the National Championship, and that's ALL that matters! Therefore, Fr. Jenkins should keep his job in perpetuity.


Steve said...

We're all Alabama fans now.

Jay Anderson said...

Good grief, no need to go that far. Alabama has problems of its own.

Aged parent said...

Father Jenkins will go only when his local Ordinary gets on the phone to his Jesuit superiors and tells them - not asks them, tells them - to get rid of this little S.O.B.

The longer this corrective action gets delayed, the worse it will get and the more souls will be lost.

The ball is now, as it has always been, in the Bishop's court, and no red herrings about "academic independence" need be considered seriously.

a Jesuit said...

Fr Jenkins is not a Jesuit.

sd said...

Let's be clear - Notre Dame is establishing an organization, under administrative direction and control, to provide support to gay students at the University from the perspective of Catholic teaching on sexuality.

This is NOT an organization that will advocate for non-Catholic ideas about sexuality. This is NOT an organization that will support or enable sin.

It is, presumably, an organization that will provide emotional and educational support to persons with SSA as they struggle (against tremendous difficulty) to live lives in conformity with Catholic teaching and will do so in a way that brings to them the fullness of Catholic teaching and not simple lists of dos-and-don'ts.

The article linked quotes extensively from some random crank from an organization of bitter alumni who basically says (in summary) "yeah, the university says that this will be done in conformity with Catholic teaching but I don;t believe them because, well, just because dammit and listen to me because I'm REALLY angry and serious." That's all well and good, but unless I missed the part in the Catechism where it indicated that the teaching Magesterium of the Church is invested in the Sycamore Trust then I fail to see why I should listen to the individual quoted any more than I listen to anyone else from the countless letterhead-and-a-fax-machine organizations that stand ready to dish out angry quotes to reporters looking to gin up controversy.

The Bishop in whose diocese Notre Dame resides is also quoted in the article making the very reasonable point that the organization in question is a fine thing as long as it abides by the principles under which it is being established.

Anonymous said...

A scene from Msgr. Benson's LORD OF THE WORLD.

- Mack

Anonymous said...

At the first sign of a rainbow flag or pin in the organization's office, you will know that the organization is NOT for nor about what anonymous 5:54 p.m. claims.

A Jesuit (again) said...

I appreciate what SD said, and I hope it is true. The mere fact, though, of using the word "gay", which is not used in Catholic theology, is like a little red flag.

Anonymous said...

The reason that priests and bishops turn a blind eye to heresy and do nothing is because they agree with it. Notre Dame and the Congregation of the Holy Cross don't care what the Church teaches that is why they allow and promote heresy at Notre Dame. Isn't that old, irrelevant, heretic Richard McBrien still teaching there? Yes he is and he continues to spread his hatred for the papacy, the Blessed Sacrament, the male priesthood etc, etc, etc.? He and others like him are there because Notre Dame and the Holy Cross fathers who run that place agree with him and the bishop tolorates it because either he agrees or he is to weak to uphold the truths of the Faith. It's really not any more complicated than that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gay, but I have friends who struggle with their place in the Church given their sexuality. Some of their secular gay friends put tremendous pressure on these folks to reject and hate the Church. Terrible lies are used by some of these people and organizations. If they don't find a place that affirms what the Church really teaches and where they can feel safe from being called names or worse, they'll leave because they'll find those points confirmed. I've seen it happen, despite attempts to counter these points, and it is something that fills me with sadness and anger. If this group at Notre Dame is what it says it's going to be, it'll be an important thing in the life and perhaps salvation of the members. As for the use of 'gay', it might not be used in theology, but it is used in society, and not only by homosexuals who put their sexuality into action. The use of the word lets even those folks, who might want to find a place where they can be safe in their return to the Church, know that they belong.

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