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All Butterflies Must Die

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect?

In a nutshell, the butterfly effect is the far off, unpredictable, and possibly dramatic consequences of a seemingly small act.

It is called the butterfly effect because the concept is often illustrated with the saying along the lines of "a butterfly flaps its wings in China and a tornado occurs in Texas."

So the obvious solution to this problem is to kill all the butterflies.

If this seems a ridiculous solution to such a problem, I will agree with you.

But the notion that all butterflies must die seems to be the solution promoted by the media in reaction to the hospital prank perpetrated by two Australian DJ's. I am frankly shocked and a little perplexed by the reaction to the prank.

For those of you living under a rock...

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Sophia's Favorite said...

These two subhuman pricks abused an innocent person's trust, and broadcast that fact, just for their own amusement—and their victim was so ashamed of being tricked, she killed herself. You want us to feel sorry for them?

I only know of one person in reality or fiction who thinks something being a joke exempts it from being judged by the normal standards of common decency. He's a person Lex Luthor thinks is creepy.

foxfier said...

They lied, with malicious intent to take advantage of the basic emotion of human sympathy for the family of a sick woman and her unborn child, with the goal being profit.

At the very least, they should be charged with impersonation for profit and attempt to get confidential medical information.

At the very least, they knew that they were going to:
humiliate someone for trying to make a sick person's family feel better by answering their questions
cost anyone kind enough to fall for their lies her job, and any future chance of employment in her field.

But hey, it's alright-- they just wanted to be funny, right? Humiliating someone for being weak enough to believe a lie is fine. We all learned that from the bullies in grade school, no?

If you can hurt them, they clearly deserved it.

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