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Des Moines Register: Kill Gun Owners, Tie Boehner to Back of Truck

This is just disgusting. Columnist Donald Kaul of the Des Moines Register came out of retirement to write this. He should go back in. Here's his prescription for the country to stem gun violence. (No link for asshattery):

Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Hey! We did it to the Communist Party, and the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did. (I would also raze the organization’s headquarters, clear the rubble and salt the earth, but that’s optional.) Make ownership of unlicensed assault rifles a felony. If some people refused to give up their guns, that “prying the guns from their cold, dead hands” thing works for me.

• Then I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control.

And if that didn’t work, I’d adopt radical measures.
So his prescription to end violence is killing gun owners and tying congressmen to the backs of trucks? Yeah, that's logical. It's bad enough that one man wrote this but this was approved by editors.

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ProudHillbilly said...

That would be part of that new tone that was supposed to be set after the Gabby Giffords shooting. Funny, but apparently only conservatives are supposed to keep to that.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Ownership of unlicensed assault rifles has been a felony since the Firearms Act of 1939, at least if they are capable of fully-automatic fire. And if they're not, they're no different from half the sporting guns nobody wants to ban.

People who are that demonstrably uninformed aren't entitled to their opinions, even if they were capable of stating them by the rule of reasoned discourse, which Kaul plainly isn't.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

In this column Donald Kaul promotes mass murder and mob action -- crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to do the killing? This old moonbat?

Anneg said...

First, threatening a federal official is a federal offense, Mr Kaul.
Maybe someone should publish Mr Kaul's address. Could even put a sign up to the effect that he does not have a firearm because he does not believe in them. Might even be worth a newspaper ad.

Jackie said...

I think he missed the rest of the concept behind 'prying from my cold, dead hands'. That is there will be a lot of other cold dead hands attached to bodies to climb over to get to me.

He, of course, would not be part of the group he wants to do his dirty work.

Gerry said...

"We did it to the Communist Party, and the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did."

No, the "American Commies" joined the Dem. party which "led to the deaths of more" pre-born "us" which is way more than gun death total.

"...drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control."

Hmm, sounds like an American Commie, i.e., for the making of a "new man".

Sophia's Favorite said...

When did we declare the Communist Party a terrorist group, anyway? I don't remember that. The CPUSA operates quite openly, and publishes at least two newspapers. Also, they endorsed Ron Paul for president the last two or three times (because with enemies like him, they don't need friends).

Kaul is living in some sort of fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. I cannot wait till a Civil War starts and the idiot racist left is armed with spitballs.

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