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New Worst Pageant Answer Ever?

I will tell you who the happiest person is today.

Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina 2007. You may remember her as giving the worst pageant answer ever. Well, ever ended yesterday as Miss Venezuela from Miss Universe may have topped her.

You be the judge.


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Terry Nelson said...

Made sense to me.


Christina said...

I don't know, you could almost claim the girl from Venezuela had a language barrier and thought that when the guy said "laws" he meant...um like something like related to surfing.

Jonathan said...

The language barrier argument doesn't work, because you can pretty successfully defend the position that Caitlin Upton doesn't exactly have native command of English, either.

Sophia's Favorite said...

There's a translator right there, she heard the question in Spanish, too. I don't know why she chose to answer in English, but she did.

Sand Mama said...

Sorry, I think Ms. S. Carolina still gets the dumbest answer. Ms. Venezuela seemed to be saying we dont need more legislation?? Or am I just being optimistic?

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