"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Study Shows Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

Repeat after me. Messing with nature has consequences. OK? It's not that difficult. Let's even take morality out of the picture entirely. Messing with natural processes has consequences.

Liberals seem very willing to accept this truism when it comes to things like global warming and fracking but resistant when it comes to things like abortion and contraception. In both instances we're talking about very complicated systems. So maybe it we called abortion "fracking" the blob of tissue, maybe they'd respond.

But for some reason, we're not supposed to even suspect that monkeying with our bodily systems could have some ramifications, never mind negative ones. That's why women who've been on the pill for years are stunned when they can't get pregnant after two months of "trying."

Here's another point, even if you're a straight up secular Darwinists it seems to me that you would have us believe that the whole of nature is set up for the end goal of procreation. But then you would also hold the thought that there would be no Darwinian ramification for thwarting the end goal of life? Seriously?

Anyway, a new study is showing a link between abortion and breast cancer. I shudder when I think about how many women have been told that there are no physical or psychological consequences of abortion. I shudder. And then I pray.

And I am confirmed that pro-life is pro-woman.

Christian Newswire reports:

A French study on women with mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which are associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancers, shows "the clearest dose effect of any (abortion-breast cancer) study." Professor Joel Brind (Baruch College, City University of New York)

"Communist China's one child per couple policy is at least partially responsible for its escalating breast cancer rates, according to at least two studies. Researchers expect an epidemic of 2.5 million cases of breast cancer by 2021 among women from the One Child Generation who will then be between the ages 55 and 69." (Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer)

Studies from France and China have reported that breast cancer risk climbs with number of abortions. Demonstrating a "dose effect" is considered an "important measure of credibility" for establishing a cause-effect relationship.
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Anonymous said...
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priest's wife said...

It seems really obvious that abortion would cause hormonal problems. A woman is pregnant- she starts an abortion and the pregnancy is finished in what 2 hours or so?

My late miscarriage (20 weeks) was a very different story- the baby probably died a week earlier than I knew, so my body was slowly adjusting to that change. I found out the baby died, then (because I wasn't sick or anything) I waited to induce delivery for 2 days so I could get my life in order (so even emotionally, I was preparing)- it was awful, but my body and my emotions got to adjust slowly with dignity- the complete opposite for women who feel forced into abortion.

Anonymous troll- how about a name?

Anonymous said...

My name is Jesus. I am your savior. Pleased to meet you.

Anonymous said...

This has been known for years. I was in a study in 1978 the link was undeniable. The study also identified a link between cervical cancer and the number of sexual partners. Now we know about contaception as well. Take Christ's Church out of the equation and contraception still remains a problem for women and the environment.


A Virtuous Wife said...

So sorry to read about your loss, Priest's Wife. My husband and I have suffered through 4 miscarriages and with every blood draw, the Dr. watches to see if the hCG (pregnancy hormone) goes down. It, like the rest of the woman's hormones GRADUALLY goes down, unlike w/ an abortion. Miscarraige is very common and our bodies are designed to know how to handle the loss, even if our hearts do not. Abortion is a violent procedure and it mutilates an organ that was designed to protect and nurture. All of our losses were "missed miscarriages" or "missed abortions" (I hate that term) where there is no spontaneous delivery. Even with a spontaneous abortion or a complete abortion(the medical term for a miscarriage where the mother "delivers" her deceased baby), the fetus has unknowingly been dead for days and the body slowly re-adjusts. Why are we Christians called anti-science? It seems pretty black and white to me.

priest's wife said...

Virtuous wife- thanks

I see from your profile that you have 3 kids- but if the miscarriages are recent, you might have low progesterone- After my late miscarriage (technically a 'fetal demise'), I used heparin and progesterone (beginning with week 1) to successfully have two children- you might look into that

ProudHillbilly said...

Ah, yes. The number of women I know who buy organic and fresh groceries but ingest chemicals to prevent pregnancy and support the end of pregnancy.

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