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Weird. Artist's Rendition of Royal Baby

I understand the Brits are happy that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Hey, my thinking is that Kate has started many trends and maybe having babies will catch on. Europe is desperately in need of little Europeans and if Kate can inspire others to have a baby that'd be great.

But there's excitement and then there's this kind of weirdness. Artist's renditions are for people that just knocked over 7-11's or whatever the British equivalent is. Not babies.

The Daily Mail is publishing an artist's rendition of the royal baby.

Come on. Isn't that a little too weird?

What's be even weirder is if she had twins and they came out looking exactly like these two drawings.

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Margaret said...

weird doesn't begin to describe it. But perhaps if Kate can endure the sickness, she could start a trend of, say, 3 or 4 children per family...

Fr. Frank said...

Sheesh! That's not a forehead on that boy. That's at least a fivehead.

LarryD said...

These are fake - the boy's teeth are too straight.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Since when is a computer-generated image combining features of the parents an "artist's rendering"?

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