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Baby Drought Dooms California

California leads America...into oblivion. We all know the facts. Californians continue borrowing from future generations, spending like...well...Californians, and then neglecting to actually create future generations.

In pursuit of their own animal comforts, Californians are overspending, aborting and contracepting their way to being the most self-satisfied generation in the history of the world. This unsustainable pursuit will, of course, doom them.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Declining migration and falling birthrates have led to a drop in the number of children in California just as baby boomers reach retirement, creating an economic and demographic challenge for the nation's most populous state.

"After decades of burgeoning population and economic growth…the state now faces a very different prospect," said a report released Tuesday by the University of Southern California and the Lucile Packard Foundation. The report, "California's Diminishing Resource: Children," analyzed data from the 2010 census and the American Community Survey to conclude that the trend marks a "historic transition" for the state.

In 1970, six years after the end of the baby boom, children made up more than one-third of California's population. By 2030, they will account for just one-fifth, according to projections by lead author Dowell Myers, a USC demographer. "We have a massive replacement problem statewide," Mr. Myers said in an interview.
And it's not just California. This problem is epidemic throughout Western civilization. And now we're making contraception a right, rather than just a bad choice. Doomed.

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kat said...

And then, of course, the rest of us are supposed to pay to support all these selfish people when they are old and have no children to help take care of them. We, who had children, who paid for their food and education, who gave up a second income to stay at home, who saved for our own retirement.

There are fewer and fewer responsible people out there and more who just want someone else to take care of them.

Proteios1 said...

Well, they got want their overpopulation mantra sought. Less people. They just didn't...wait for it...think it through. They tend not to do that, the post hippy, yuppie types. Now retiring with no one to pay their bills. Well, they like most generations will pass and their values with them. I suspect this is why the harder and harder push to brainwash the young. If they fail, there will be no one to perpetuate such pathetically values. Makes me think of Rome in the 100s A.D. Where they practiced infanticide and all manners of self indulgence. The Christians and Jews apparently would save and raise the children left outside the city to die. With decreasing population, it would take a century or so for the Roman Empire to become entirely Christian regardless of what the empowers did to preserve power. Simply by attrition.

Foxfier said...

*pats belly* We'r fixing it as fast as we can!

priest's wife said...

The 'overpopulation' myth makers have succeeded- I teach college ESL- we did an exercise where they calculated the average number of children their mothers (all from Spanish speaking countries) had- 6.5. The average number of children that the adult students have now? 1.2 and they STILL insist that there is over population

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