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Cute Dog Video. No Seriously.

Patrick's last video of a hawk absconding with a poor field mouse put me in a mood to put up a nice animal video. (Sad that Pat sees the world in that kind of Darwinian way, isn't it?) Hey if Pat wants to acknowledge the Circle of Life maybe we can celebrate something a bit nicer.

Here's a dog teaching a puppy how to navigate stairs. It's super cute and it seems to be required viewing on the internet right now.

Shamelessly stolen from Ace.

Update from Patrick:

And this video will tell you all you need to know about cats.


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Ranting Catholic Mom said...

Frankly, the cat video made me laugh out loud. the dogs made me smile. I always thought, not knowing you except through this website, that Matt was the nice one and Pat was the mean one. Now I see instead that Pat knows the truth of the human existence and Matt is a weenie.

Fr. Dismas said...

Dogs>cats. QED.

ProudHillbilly said...

Made me laugh out loud. My daughter's cat would love to do that to my daughter's dog.

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