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Demon Face on Mars!!!

I've always wondered why we never landed on Mars. This demon's face marks a mountain range on Mars. For me, this is a good reason to continue not going.

As far as I'm concerned this is the space equivalent of the Do Not Disturb sign or maybe "Beware of Dog" but instead of dog it's a horned demon with power enough to emblazon its face on a mountain range.

It's bad enough that this horror exists in space.

But now demon faces on the Red planet. I'm out. Let's just leave space alone. It hasn't done nothing to us. And maybe it doesn't even know we exist. Let's keep it that way. Let's not even look up at the sky for a while. It might just antagonize something.

*subhead*Not good.*subhead*

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magnificatlady said...

What's with the eye of sauron? Both of these images are pretty disturbing indeed.
I always liked a clip from Calvin & Hobbs comic strip where the little boy tells his tiger that he is convinced that there is intelligent life out there by the simple fact that they have not attempted to contact us.
Now I am leaning toward your theory, maybe THEY don't know we exist and it would be best we keep it that way. After all, we can't even manage to get along with one another within our own atmosphere, we are bound to piss off some other lifeforms out there.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Anyone who could get here would know we existed, especially if they were as close as Mars is. The night-side of this planet is a dead giveaway that we're here, apart from the occasional orbital insertion or nuclear detonation.

The fact they haven't talked to us means they won't, probably because there isn't actually any "them" to do such talking. If there is ET intelligence in the universe, it's not within the Solar System. Certainly it's not inside the orbit of Jupiter, and outside that is pretty dang cold for most chemical reactions.

Brian Kopp said...


Mack Hall, HSG said...

I used to date her.

Casual Gaming Catholic said...

So Doom is real.

For anyone not familiar. in the video game Doom, a research facility on Mars discovered a portal to hell.

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