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Lunatic Compares Shooting of Elk to Sandy Hook

The world is completely insane. A bunch of Coloradoans held a candlelight vigil to protest a police officer shooting an elk. The officer, it seems, believed the elk to be injured so he put it out of its misery.

The people, however, protested that and wanted the officer arrested or fined. And those who gathered spoke of loving the elk and the elk loving them. Kinda' weird. But the one who takes the cake is the woman who says that she sees no difference between the police officer shooting the elk and Sandy Hook.

Warning: Abandon hope for the USA all who watch this video (There's a 17 second ad that precedes the video. Sorry.)

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CWK said...

Yeah, and right down the street from here is one of the most notorious abortionists, Warren Hearn, one of only a handful that performs late term abortions. Boulder has no problem with him, but hold candlelight vigils for animals. Disgusting.

LarryD said...

The elk doesn't care.

Sophia's Favorite said...

They would prefer he maybe left the elk to linger in agony? I'd wager actual money that these guys mostly support a "right to die" for people in a similar condition, so why not for elk?

Also, I must've missed how kindergartners have been our natural prey since we shared an ecosystem with them; we've been eating elk (and their Eurasian cousin the red deer—what Europeans call "elk" we call moose) pretty much since we first left Africa.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

I'll pray for the police officer -- and, yes, for the poor, deluded people who are making a pagan idol of a critter.

Athelstane said...

I wager most of these protesters favor euthanasia, particularly for people in terminal pain.

And yet they object the elk, lying in agony, being euthanized.

There's some nonsense about guns, but all that is is a debate about means, not ends.

Siobhan said...

Must've been a slow news day in Boulder.

C'estMoi said...

Folks, while I agree that Boulderites are mostly loony, this story, if you bother to look into it, is most clearly about police officers BREAKING THE LAW. Google it, since the video clip provided is far from the whole story. The cop who shot the elk was OFF-DUTY, having called in sick. The elk wasn't injured, wasn't "lying in agony" or any such thing. This was a case of poaching, plain and simple, done by a man who is supposed to uphold the law. Yeah, by all means pray for this cop. Pray that he learn not to violate the law and think he can do so with impunity. Prosecute the bum, I say.

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