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Dr. Drew vs. Rahm Emanuel

Criticism of Dr. Drew Pinsky is spreading like wildfire on the Internet with news of country singer Mindy McCready's apparent suicide. Her death has many wondering about the effectiveness of Dr. Drew's treatment.

McCready became the fifth cast member of his "Celebrity Rehab" series to die since appearing on the show and the third from Season 3. These deaths are serving to discredit Dr. Drew in the eyes of many.

In other news, forty-two people were killed in Chicago last month, the highest in over a decade and dwarfing the murder rate of Capone-era Chicago. Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel is considering a run for president amid no questions about his effectiveness.

Think about it.


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August said...

Notice both the politician and the psych industry use their own failures to justify more power. After Sandy Hook, they came out for gun control and for more medication, but the stats suggest both of these approaches will increase the likelihood of bad stuff happening.
The doctors, in the end, will likely get caught first, because it will eventually dawn on people no one is getting healthy under their care.
It's going to be a bit harder to deal with the politicians, because people refuse to understand what's going on until an agent is in their house with a gun in their face.
Besides, politicians are part of the criminal class, and to his kind, Rahm Emanuel is brutally effective. His desired ends just happen to be different from those of his victims, who were dumb enough to vote.

Sophia's Favorite said...

@August: kindly explain how Sandy Hook constituted a failure for the "psych industry". Do you have the perpetrator's treatment records? Do you have any evidence at all that he had received appropriate therapy, and that it had failed?

Personally, when someone says "the doctors can't help me", I like to know exactly how much contact they've actually had with doctors, concerning their specific condition. If it turns out they haven't even gone to a doctor about whatever they claim can't be helped, their opinion is worthless.

People who don't seek therapy for their problems—and by all accounts the Sandy Hook guy was not in any kind of systematic treatment—don't constitute failures for psychology.

elm said...

August: *Besides, politicians are part of the criminal class, and to his kind, Rahm Emanuel is brutally effective. His desired ends just happen to be different from those of his victims, who were dumb enough to vote.*

Don't most politicians in chitown serve two terms? The first in office and the second in prison. It's just a matter of time.

August said...

Sophia's Favorite,

It was said Lanza had been under a doctor's care and had been on medication. I don't know if they ever said which, or if they followed up on it, but if I remember correctly he was supposed to be autistic or have aspergers- and these poor kids get medicated (poisoned actually) from a very early age.
If this were a broken leg or a bacterial infection, you'd understand that there is a real failure here, because we are familiar with good medicine in such fields. But, the psyche field isn't the same. SRRIs cannot possibly be a good long term solution to anything because their presence in the brain eventually causes a remodeling of the brain- a reduction of receptor sites to deal with the new levels of serotonin. It is dangerous to take these things AND dangerous to stop taking them, meanwhile they are feeding them to children.
I've seen the damage caused by psyche drugs. When zyprexa came out in the late 90s, I watched people put on it gain weight rapidly. Then there were these women who had to get some sort of bladder surgery because their bladder 'dropped' after several years of whatever it was they were on.
Meanwhile there was no attempt to look at what in their environment could be causing the problem, and there were many candidates. Extremely bad diet- junk food habits that were only exacerbated by the hunger and inactivity caused by the drugs. Terrible inter-personal relationships, and most therapists would lose their jobs if they breathed a word about morality, so certain behaviors, like promiscuity or homosexuality, never get addressed. Even simple things like circadian rhythms would be horribly out of whack.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Only...August...if you knew thing one about clinical depression and anxiety, you'd know that the reason they need SSRIs in the first place, is their bodies absorb seratonin at an abnormally high level—which is the origin of their condition. If SSRIs do "remodel the brain"—and you show me the research on that—mightn't they just be reducing their receptor sites to normal levels? Did it occur to you that a condition treated by a "reuptake inhibitor" might involve, oh, I don't know, reabsorbing seratonin too fast?

And your zyprexa anecdote proves nothing; that you're comparing SSRI antidepressants with antipsychotics proves nothing but that you either don't understand the massive differences, or you're too intellectually dishonest to bother mentioning them. Don't be like those anti-vaccination fanatics who point to the foulups during the H1N1 panic as proof that vaccines are normally unsafe.

zippycatholic said...


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