"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Fr. Barron on MSNBC and NBC to Report on Vatican

The great Father Barron will be teaming up with NBC and MSNBC to report on the events at the Vatican as Pope Benedict XVI abdicates the papacy this Thursday, February 28th. This is good news although there would something very surreal about Fr. Barron being interviewed by Al Sharpton. But the good news is that finally there will be someone watchable on NBC News.

Look for Father Barron Wednesday (2/27) and Thursday (2/28) on MSNBC throughout the day with ongoing coverage. He will be on the national broadcast and on local NBC affiliates off-and-on throughout the morning, beginning at 4:30 am Eastern.

This is definitely an example of taking religion to the heathen hordes ;)

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Mack Hall, HSG said...

Sorry, no. I'll look in on Matt and Pat occasionally, though.

Rick said...

Saw ex-Fr. Cutie on CNN commenting on the Pope's retirement. [It was on the gym TV set so I can't change the channels.] Let me just say that Fr. Barron will bring the fresh air of truth in this toxic athmosphere of Liberal Christianity.

tuleesh said...


It's just a little surprising that MSNBC even tapped this great teacher and apologist on the shoulder at all. Gotta be the work of the Holy Paraclete...

The Lord, indeed, works in mysterious ways.

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