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Huggies Commercial: "There's a Human Being Growing Inside Your Stomach"

This is a pretty amazingly pro-life Huggies commercial. The father of the child tells his pregnant wife excitedly that she has a "human being growing inside your stomach." I guess it's kinda' sad that we have to view any public acknowledgement that babies are human beings. But hey, we'll take anything in these dark times.

Hey, actually if you think about it, isn't in the best interest of diaper companies to promulgate a pro-life message?

HT Live Action. Check their post out on this to read many reasons why pro-lifers have reasons to be encouraged.


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Mike in CT said...

Actually, that was "Alien," but it's all good.

Sophia's Favorite said...

@Mike in CT: what was "Alien"?

Mike in CT said...

That was a Sci-Fi movie where an alien grew out of a guy's stomach. Let's just say it wasn't as pretty as what these two folks are experiencing.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Why I had no idea, for I have spent the last two decades in cryogenic stasis. In a cave. Beneath the ocean.

I meant, what were you referring to when you said "actually that was 'Alien'".

But I see now that you were just very impressed with yourself for pointing out that a baby doesn't actually develop in the mother's stomach...despite the fact that "stomach" has meant "belly, central region of the torso", rather than just the digestive organ, since the late 1300s.

Prescriptivism is bad. Prescriptivism that's wrong is worse. Prescriptivism that's both wrong and smart-ass is unforgivable.

Midday said...

Anyway, the creature from "Alien" to which you refer is actually known as a "chestburster."

Mike in CT said...

SF, dial back on the caffeine. Read the tagline on this blog, "We laugh because we believe." It's a cute commercial, and I was just making an aside remark. And if you're going to take someone to task for anything unforgivable, I believe that the only thing in that category is a sin against the Holy Spirit.

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

The commercial brings to mind the insane conflict of interest of most organizations that deal with children. Schools offering contraceptive and abortafacients come to mind. It is a little sad when we praise a company for knowing their market.

PattyinCT said...

I'm glad Huggies can recognize life inside the womb. I'm so conflicted that Johnson and Johnson baby lines has direct ties to Planned Parenthood. Talk about a business model that "cuts off your nose to spite your face." :(

Unknown said...

Sorry to burst the bubble. I've read that Kimberly-Clark which makes the Huggies brand also has ties to Planned Parenthood.

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