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Hurry Up And Conclave

Catholic News Agency is reporting that the Pope will issue a motu proprio change to the waiting period for the conclave. The suggestion is that the cardinal-electors and the facilities could be ready as early as March 1, although a few more days is likely for housekeeping purposes.

I think this is good. Let's get this thing done as soon as possible. No reason to wait.

*subhead*motu proprio.*subhead*

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ProudHillbilly said...

I fully believe that Benedict has done what needs to be done. But I find myself wishing the in between was over, if only because the silly season is so tiresome. The quicker a new pope is installed the quicker we'll get over the "He's a Nazi" type attacks as well. And the less likely I'll say something that will require me to go to confession...

RC said...

There may be a good reason not to hurry: the cardinals have not had the usual long opportunity to scope out and evaluate potential papal successors.

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