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Jezebel: What's the Best Age to Have an Abortion? They're all so Awesome

Jezebel, the loopy liberal pro-abortionsite, has a piece up that asks what the best age to have an abortion. This is pure web whoring, if you ask me. This is something to drive hits to the website. Hey, when you don't have an actual argument you might as well keep the advertisers happy. The piece itself doesn't even make sense because the best time for Jezebel writers to get an abortion is when they're pregnant.

And that's pretty much what most of the combox writers seem to say too.

Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan goes through all the ages from teenager to 40-something listing pros and cons about abortion at all ages. Funny, how the life of the baby never actually cracked the list on the "con" list. Her main point is that abortions are expensive so you need to be financially secure but you don't want that clock ticking close to 40 so she finally decides that 25 is the best age to have an abortion.

Here's how she begins the piece:

The other week, after talking to yet another friend who had seen the plus sign on a pregnancy test, I started thinking about how many women I've known over the years who have chosen to end pregnancies. They've ranged in age from 17 to their early 40's. There have been so many, in fact, that a clever anti-abortion rights/baseball fanatic might nickname my phone's address book "Murderers' Row." (and I'd be fine with that, because while I take issue with abortion being equivocated with actual murder, I respect the reappropriation of baseball slang). So when is abortion the best? If I remembered how to use a graphing calculator, I'd make a chart on an X-Y axis. But since I don't, here's a weighing of the pros and cons of abortion at almost any age, in listicle form.
The thing about what she writes is that it's just so close minded. It doesn't allow any room for doubt or questioning about the worth of the life in the womb.

I'd link so you can read it but I don't want to feed the beast over there. Free Republic has it up.


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Katherine said...

She makes it sound like getting an abortion is some sort of thrill or pleasurable experience to be savored at the peak opportunity. I've never had one (praise God) but from what I understand, the majority of women who had do not equate them to a great dessert or an exotic travel opportunity. I mean, she makes it sound like a recreational activity women would plan for, no?

Kitty said...

Think about her phrase "actual murder." Is abortion "almost" murder? Sounds as silly as "legitimate rape"

ProudHillbilly said...

"Actual murder"? As opposed to pretend murder?

Mary De Voe said...

"Actual murder" may be addressing the act as opposed to the consent and conspiracy of funding and supporting the murder of abortion. I must agree though, that she probably wants to lessen the gravity of homicide in the killing of another human being brought into existence by our Creator. There are no degrees to becoming human. One is created equal as our Declaration states

Carolyn said...

"Her main point is that abortions are expensive so you need to be financially secure[...]"

I am so confused. People argue FOR abortion because people are not financially secure thus unable to support a child. But you need to be financial secure to procure an abortion. Which you need because you're not financially secure.

So... *crickets chirping*

sparrow said...

Ironic 25 is roughly the age of the lowest risk pregnancies.

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