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No Place On Earth - Trailer

I have seen many WWII / Holocaust documentaries over the years. Most of those are appropriately solemn due to the subject matter. Perhaps this is why I was so struck over the trailer to No Place On Earth. It is a story of utter desperation and, believe it or not, joy.

It is the incredible story of Ukranian Jews who hid under the ground from the Nazis for a year and half. After watching this trailer, I cannot wait to see the film.

What do you think?

*subhead*Incredible story.*subhead*

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Fr. Andrew said...

Nice looking promo but...at least on mine...there is a morally questionable add in the upper left of the screen of the trailer itself. Internal promotion by the megatrailer people, I gather.

Mike said...

Same here "KISS OF THE DAMNED" is the title. Perhaps you can turn off the "suggest other videos" option? Not sure if that's what it is...

Anonymous said...

Did Lazar Kaganovich make the final cut?

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